What It's Really Like To Work At Anthropologie



As soon as I saw that there was an Anthropologie by my future school, I made it my goal to work there while in college. Just a couple months later, here I am having already been a sales associate for the company for over a month. As a customer, I have always loved Anthropologie for their unique pieces and charming atmosphere. I’m not saying I’m no longer a fan—because I absolutely am—but working there is a whole different game.


Anthropologie is known for their great customer service but what I didn’t know was how much went into that. The entire staff at Anthropologie has to work as a team to solve customer issues—mostly over walkie talkie—and no task goes uncompleted. The work environment is very fast-paced and professional and everyone has to be on their A game always. Also, closing the store can seriously be the worst because everything has to be sized and standardized—i.e. perfect—which means leaving at 10pm on a good night.


Aside from dealing with the occasional difficult customer, I really can’t complain. Anthropologie is a beautiful store no matter which location you choose and, not gonna lie, the employee discount is pretty generous and it applies to Urban Outfitters and Free People too! Even though I sometimes work all weekend (ugh), working at Anthro is a really enjoyable job within a cheerful environment. Anyone who has a love of fashion and is happy to help should consider this gig because, even though I constantly have to remind myself, I’m lucky to be there.