What It's Like To Be A Nanny In NYC

Finding a job in NYC can be super stressful. It’s not like a typical town, where you can just walk in with a resume and land the job. In NYC, It’s a long process of filling out online applications, going through multiple job interviews, and then going through training. Being a nanny is a great alternative job if you don’t want to go through this hectic process.


Landing a job as a nanny can be a little difficult too, but it’s a much more personal experience. I found my job from a Facebook post on my college class’ Facebook page. To find babysitting/nanny jobs, you can look on sites like or, but in my experience, these sites have so many people using them that it’s impossible to actually get in contact with anyone. I recommend asking people directly if they know anyone who is looking for a babysitter. A great person to ask may be your favorite professor. Even if they don't need a sitter, they might know someone who does. You can also put up signs around the city on bulletin boards in coffee shops and wherever else you can get the word out that you want to offer your nannying services.


Once you get the job, get to know the family you are working with and try to connect with everyone so you have a strong relationship. If you didn't grow up in New York (like me) it can be really fun to help kids who are growing up in the city because you get a window into an upbringing that is very different than your own. Nannying in New York has taught me a lot and has exposed me to new things because the kids I babysit have such a different childhood than I had. It has also made me feel a lot more comfortable living in New York because it forced me to go out in different neighborhoods and learn how the NYC public transportation system really works.  love the family I babysit for and I have a lot of fun with the kids. They also keep me on my toes so it’s a super exciting job!