What I Wear for a Week of Zoom Classes

I know from experience that when I don’t put thought into what I wear, I end up feeling uninspired and not like myself. Heading out for the day feeling good about my outfit choices makes me feel put together and ready for anything, and while I’m no longer catching the 6 train to school, it’s the one thing I can take back and have control over right now. Not only does a well thought out ensemble help me feel positive and set the tone for the day, it’s given me a chance to take a closer look at my closet and discover that although I’ve been rotating through the same pieces, there’s always a new combination or styling idea to try to give your clothes extra wear. Here’s how I’m approaching study from home attire this semester. 

  1. 1. Monday 

    bow back

    The fresh start feeling of a Monday tends to make me want to dress up to get in the mood to get back to work. This top fits like it was made for me and was an obvious choice for starting the week off right. 

  2. 2. Tuesday 


    I didn’t know it months ago, but this was about to become my favorite housedress. The label reads, “Sunday Best” but I’ve been wearing it for everything from working at my computer to sitting outside with a good book.

  3. 3. Wednesday 

    heather sweater

    This look feels very academic and vintage to me and not just because both pieces are secondhand. The simple silhouettes are soft and sweet and ready to study in the library if I could. 

  4. 4. Thursday 


    For my longest day of classes, I wanted blazer mentality- I haven't actually gotten to wear this piece out but it works well on camera and even draping it on the back of my desk chair makes me feel like I’m in office.

  5. 5. Friday 

    Jean shorts

    I don’t have class on Fridays this semester so an extra long weekend calls for keeping it casual and catching up on assignments in a classic t-shirt and cutoffs pairing. 

Truly dressing up for no one but myself has taught me a lot about my personal style and how closely related clothing and mindset is. I of course have days where I throw on an outfit that barely differs from pajamas, especially if I don’t have any calls, but I know that what’s best for both me and my closet is to keep working with what I’ve got.