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What I Have Learned From Moving Across The Country For College


Wow I have officially lived in New York City for nearly two months. It’s safe to say that this has been the craziest and most emotional time of my entire life. From leaving my family and moving across the country, going through the most shocking breakup, and starting college in the greatest city in the world, I have been overwhelmed to say the very least. That being said, it has been the most amazing experience and I have already learned so much, and it’s only the beginning.


Focus On Yourself

College is a time for you to find yourself and experience exactly what it is you have always dreamt of. Put yourself first and work towards your own personal goals. Being on my own has really showed me that I have to take care of myself and put me first. I moved away from home thinking that I was going to be in a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend all through college. It did not take long for the relationship to crumble and although it was extremely hard in that moment, losing that relationship was the best thing for me. I am now focusing on bettering myself and I am the happiest that I have ever been.


Stay Connected With Your Friends And Family

When everything seems to be falling apart, your friends and family will be there to help you get through it. Keeping friends and family close will give you the security and confidence you need to move forward and be successful. I have met a lot of new people in college and I am building new friendships, however I am keeping in good contact with my best friends from high school. It is nice to stay connected with my friends from home because they know me already and they know everything about where we are from. The people that I have meant in New York are great, but they don’t know me the way my friends from home know me. Sometimes I just need to talk to someone who understands where I am coming from a little bit better.


Going Back Home Will Never Be The Same Again

After spending a month in the city, I decided it was time to go back home for a long weekend. When I got home, I realized that it was not the home that I left behind. Of course my family was there, but everyone I knew in high school was gone. My town felt so empty after being surrounded by the mass population of New York City. The homey feeling you get when you are back at home again was amazing and comforting and having a home cooked meal was priceless. However, by the end of the weekend I was more than ready to fly back to the city and get back to my “adult life”.


You Are Not Alone

So many people around you are going through the exact same thing and having the exact same feelings that you are. You may feel all alone and think that no one could possibly understand how you feel, but in reality everyone around you is going through a very similar experience. Realizing that will make everything much easier. For me, the whole process of starting college was extremely emotional. I felt lonely and sad at times, but I was also so excited and happy. Once I got out and started connecting with other people I could relate with them so much, we really are all in this together.

Campus Correspondent at MMM  Hey guys, I’m Kyra! I grew up in the small town of North Lake Tahoe and now I am going to college in the big city- New York City! It is such a dream come true to be living in New York! I love it so much! I am a Digital Journalism Major with a double minor in Fashion and Business Management.    Get in contact with me, I'd love to hear from you! Instagram: @kyramattson Blog: dream-catcher-blog.com  
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