What Being Thankful Means to Me

What does being thankful mean to me? It means loving what you have around you, and also the people you surround yourself with that make you happy about your life. Loving what your life has to offer is always something to be thankful for, because not everyone gets the same opportunities as you. 


The life that I’ve grown up in has taught me that not all things are certain and not all things last.


Being a military kid, moving every four years of my life has made me resilient, and I’m thankful for that. My life has never been concrete in the sense that I’m not from any certain place, and I didn’t grow up in any certain location. Despite this, I try to look at it this way: I’ve grown up all over the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I look at my life, how it has been so far, and I’m amazed and humbled for the life I was born into. Traveling and moving from place to place has taught me so many valuable life lessons. Attending new schools and having to make new friends every few years taught me to be outgoing and positive in all that I do. I learned to make the best out of any situation, even if it really wasn’t a great one, (like moving to a place I really disliked.) I have been exposed to so much already and my life has been shaped for the better because of it! The friends I’ve made are from all different parts of the world and I’m thankful for these wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of surrounding myself with. I have best friends in Hawaii, Oklahoma, Virginia and Germany. That’s crazy to say and to think about! I cherish these friendships so much and I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see them again in the near future. 


Throughout these many moves I’ve been through, I was thankful for the friends I already had to lean on when I first arrived and didn’t know anyone yet, and I’m grateful for the way my family has always handled our moves. We’ve never lived close to where they are, so I am always thankful for when we can see and spend time with them again. Now living in NYC, the city for dream and big aspirations, I’m thankful to be following my dream of being a Broadcast Journalist by studying at an amazing college. So many platforms are offered at MMC to help me express my love of writing, including Her Campus! Every opportunity that MMC has offered me so far I will never take for granted. The friends I have made here so far are amazing and I have the pleasure of enjoying their company.


Although this is the season of thankfulness and giving, I’m thankful for everything, always. I’m thankful for every day, hour, and minute because I never know what’s going to happen and what new opportunities will come my way. Life is full of changes, growth and new options. Never take what your life has in store for you for granted, I know I never will.