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The Unexpected Decor Your Work Space Is Missing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

Staring at the same office decor day after day can eventually get boring, no matter how cute your desk succulent and fairy lights may be.

Work decor should be treated as a vision board. Something that inspires you to keep motivated in your daily tasks. As we move closer toward these warm summer months, adding a few splashes of color is just what the doctor ordered.

Melsy’s Illustrations makes fabulous fashion illustrations that can be personalized specifically for you. The artist has everything from stationary for simple impromptu thank you notes that you may need, to a coaster for your morning coffee… which we all definitely need.  

The shop on Etsy offers prints in various sizes that you can frame and let sit on your desk. Or those with cubicles can make a collage of multiple smaller prints using cute thumb tacks/pins. Groups of three are always key. For my pink loving ladies, the cluster below is the one for you. 

If you’re more of a beachy laid back kinda girl, the prints below will definitely be sending you “buy me” vibes. 

If none of these are plucking at your heartstrings, don’t worry. Her shop on Etsy has literally hundreds more. The best thing about this artist is that she is completely self-taught. Jamel Saliba was able to turn her hobby into a business. #GirlPower am I right?! Check out her full story on Youtube

Live in the NYC area? Stop by her pop-up shop located at 568 Broadway in Manhattan open everyday 11am-8pm.