Top Five WTF Moments From PLL's Spring Finale


5) The Life-Sized Dollhouse

Not only did –A kidnap the liars, they also replicated each liar’s own bedroom. What was the point of this other than it being ridiculously creepy and obvious that –A has clearly seen the liars in their natural habitat. Also, Who has the money for that!? A doctor, perhaps? *cough* WREN? *cough* 

4) Mona is alive!

The girls walk in to the living room where a blonde figure is playing the piano with an Ali mask on. A million questions rush through our heads: Is Ali out of jail?? Does Ali have a twin? Cece??? Nope! It’s Mona. Even after we saw what we thought was her dead body, Mona is alive which also means Mike has been telling the truth all along about the blood.

3) When Spencer moved blocks in her mind.

If any liar were to solve the –A mystery, of course it’d be Spencer! She’s always been the smartest liar, but now she’s even solving mysteries in her dreams! The children’s blocks reconfigure themselves a few times before spelling out ‘C-H-A-R-L-E-S’ and Spencer realizes -A has a name!

2) Mannequin Prom

This was just terrifying! Are any of them alive? Why are they all in masks? Why is it Ian and Melissa’s prom being recreated? I have so many questions!

1) CHARLES??????

Writer of PLL, Marlene King, hinted that we already know the character of Charles. Which means it’s most likely somebody that we’re already connected to in Rosewood. Is it Andrew? Wren? Lucas? King says we should be getting all the answers as to who and why in the upcoming season, but for now, everyone is left wondering WHO IS CHARLES?