Stop 'n' Swap NYC

It’s hard to believe there’s only a little over a month left of winter, considering I’m currently writing this in the middle of a snowstorm and can’t remember the last time I comfortably walked outside without bundles of clothing. Nevertheless, warm spring months are just around the corner, and thus, so are our spring cleaning duties -- or so we tell ourselves. I’ve been on this planet for nineteen years, and every year I make a spring cleaning to-do list but rarely do I ever follow through with it. But this year, I got a head start and began my spring cleaning over the course of winter break, because I’ve finally found the perfect reason: a GrowNYC community event called Stop ‘N’ Swap.

    Stop ‘N’ Swap is a free, public event that occurs weekly throughout New York City. New Yorkers donate any old clothing, books, games, housewares, etc. (as long as they are clean and reusable) and are then able to take home something donated by someone else; old to them, new to you! Stop ‘n’ Swap is generally not a very large event and is first-come, first-served, so there may not be much of a selection to choose from. If you are not in desperate need of new items, you may not find anything you’d like to take. But, if you have any items you no longer need, Stop ‘n’ Swap is a great cause to donate them to.

New York is a very large city, and trying to make a living can be difficult. People may not be able to afford a new sweater or a new book to read. Any donations you can give would likely be super helpful to those who are struggling. And if you’re worried about what will happen to your donations if no one takes them, don’t worry. The Stop ‘n’ Swap FAQ stated that they will try to recycle or donate as much as they can of what is left over at the end of the swap.

Stop ‘n’ Swap is a great way to get involved in your community. The organization offers a multitude of volunteer services as well, so instead of just attending these events, you can help run them! Besides Stop ‘n’ Swap, GrowNYC also hosts a number of greenmarkets, recycling, and gardening events for New Yorkers to get involved in. So if you’re ever sitting at home, bored on a Saturday afternoon, check out their website! There are tons of opportunities for you to get involved in your community.

Overall, Stop ‘n’ Swap is a great way to recycle items and eliminate waste, while also bringing people together. You get a chance to get rid of all the old items you no longer need and take home items you can actually use. I guess what they say is true: one person’s trash truly is another one’s treasure!