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Spring Cocktail Party Drink Menu: Check!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

They always say that March will either enter as a lion and leave as a lamb or begin as a lamb and leave as a lion. Although it’s hard to accept, for many of us, the reality has been the latter. As the weather continues to chill and snow is still managing to make its way down from the sky, how are we expected to prep for spring?! Naturally, I am prepping for spring with the most floral, fruity cocktails I can get my hands on. Honestly, a nicely crafted cocktail is the only way I can warm up and cheer myself up and out of the funk of the lingering winter blues. Here are the top five cocktails that have kept warm weather on the horizon while the snow and sleet have continued to build walls on the streets of NYC.


Mint Julep

One of the most classic of spring mixes is the mint julep. It’s a simple mix of mint leaves and simple syrup with the warm undertones of bourbon that is most often found in the hands of nearly every viewer and better at the Kentucky Derby. Grab one and throw on your biggest, most decorated sunhat, even if it’s not Derby day (which is May 6 this year – pencil that baby in! It’s the best excuse for brunching!)



This is a new take on the sweetest brunch classic, the mimosa. A unique blend of peaches, mixed summer berries, and champagne, the bellini is delicious and incredibly sweet! Make sure to pace yourself because this drink can be deceitfully refreshing. Counter it with a delicious iced cappuccino while out to a delicious brunch on a sunny Sunday this April!


Iced Green Tea Mojito

I don’t know about you, but I can never turn down a perfectly mixed mojito. With a perfect mix of mint and white rum and a generous amount of green tea, this spin on a mixed classic, your spring happy hour is sure to be spruced up and refreshed!


Bee’s Knees

Nothing says summer more than a drink based in bourbon and sweetened up with honey and fresh lemonade. This drink is as refreshing as it is bright and pairs perfectly with a cute sundress and a yummy French toast brunch. An afternoon spent sipping on this is sure to bear some sunshine to even the rainiest of spring days!


Chardonnay Slushie

As the days warm up and the temperature begins to rise, even the crispest drink poured on the rocks can’t cool me down. These days absolutely call for a slushy dream of blended fruits and the crisp taste of sweet chardonnay. Mixed with frozen lemonade and refreshingly sweet apple and peach purees, this boozy twist on the childhood summertime classic is sure to cool you down as the relenting heat begins to rise!

As most of sit, staring out the window and dreaming of a time when winter parkas weren’t even a mere thought when leaving the apartment for the day, we might at least rest assured that we can brighten up even the gloomiest and rainiest of days with one of these springtime cocktails in one hand and the cutest umbrella in the other!

Campus Correspondent at HC MMM. Communications student in NYC.  Instagram: @sara.capucilli