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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

That charming guy you saw in the commons… he looked familiar right? Hmm…maybe you’re friends with him on Facebook? He wasn’t in your orientation group, but he looks like someone. It is likely that if you passed by Solomon Patterson at school, he made you do a double take. He walks the halls of Marymount Manhattan College for class but can be seen gracing pages in issues of Seventeen Magazine each month. He’s one of the featured males in Seventeen’s “Hot Guy Panel” of 2014… yeah, no big deal. He’s also been spotted being featured on The Today Show and has done various modeling jobs and trade shows. Get to know more about this campus cutie by reading our Q&A below!

(Photo by Liz Devine) 

– Name, Age, Hometown:Solomon,19, Manassas, Virginia.

– Major at Marymount Manhattan College:My major is Political Science.

– Were you familiar with Seventeen Magazine before? What made you want to be a part of The Hot Guy Panel? Yeah, I was familiar with the magazine! I had never bought an issue though because I’ve always felt that it is better suited for girls… I wanted to be apart of it because I felt I was attractive, I give good advice, and it just felt like I was a good fit.

– What is your previous work experience?I used to work at Abercrombie and I recently finished at Liberty Fairs, a men’s trade show.

– What has been your favorite thing that you’ve done/worked on?My favorite thing that I have worked on is a movie that is coming out soon called Run All Night starring Liam Neeson and Common. It’s coming out in 2015. It was nice trying out acting but at this point in life I am really enjoying modeling.

– Have you been recognized in public before (from Seventeen or other work)? What do your friends and family think/feel about you being featured in the magazine and in other publications?I have been recognized three times before and each time it’s really humbling and reminds me how truly blessed I am; God has been really good to me. My parents are super proud seeing me in the magazine every month. My mom buys 17 copies of each Seventeen! They are my biggest fans. My friends think its cool but they still just see me as Solomon and they think it is funny that I’m on “The Hot Guy Panel.”

– What aspirations do you have (career-wise)? What do you hope to do?My aspiration is to become a star; with my fame I want to inspire everyone to chase and follow their dreams because anything is possible with God.

– Favorite thing about Marymount Manhattan College?My favorite thing about Marymount Manhattan College are the opportunities it gives students, we have NYC as our campus!

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Jessica Norton, 22, Communication Arts major / Journalism minor at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Pop Writer at MTV News. Creator and host of YouTube show of Camera By Her Side. Former Editorial intern at Us Weekly magazine, Features Entertainment & Lifestyles Intern at Seventeen Magazine, Assistant Team Advisor at NSLC Journalism, Film, and Media Arts, and Alloy Entertainment Digital Intern. I love yoga, traveling, pop culture, froyo, the beach, boy bands, bright colors, and lemonade. @jessnort || @camerabyherside