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Social Movements And Protests To Know About In March 2018

International Women’s Day: Thursday, March 8

International Women’s Day (IWD) is “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. ” The divide between men and women is still, unfortunately, present today. IWD wants to take the inequality and differences women face globally, and turn them into a movement that can be fought at the local level. It’s even recognized as a national holiday in some countries like Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Every year, IWD creates a ‘theme’ to tackle an issue in it’s campaign. 2018’s theme is #PRESSFORPROGRESS. World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report found that gender parity is still 200 years away. But, we have made change. Women are taking jobs in normally male dominated fields, and are speaking out, and making the issue on gender diversity a large scale public issue. This year, it’s about keeping the progress going; continuing to fight and push on. Visit the site for tips on how to #PRESSFORPROGRESS, and events in New York City. I’m trying to go to the #PETALSFORPROGRESS Pop up flower show sponsored by POPSugar!


Bisexual Health Awareness Month: March 2018

Bisexual Health Awareness Month works to raise awareness about the bisexual community’s health disparities and to push for more action and resources that can better support bisexual individuals. If you want to learn more information, visit the Human Rights Campaign website to learn, volunteer, or donate.


March for Our Lives: Saturday, March 24

What could be one of the most important demonstrations of our lifetime, the March for Our Lives campaign grew quickly after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. With multiple movement events coming up, the high school students in Florida are showing they are not backing down. On March, 14 at 10 A.M. in every timezone, students, teachers, and all other members of schools are encouraged to walk out of their school for 17 minutes – one minute for each victim of the shooting.

On March 24, Americans will march to Washington D.C., and all over the country, to show protest in the lack of gun legislation and school safety in late of recent attacks. “The mission and focus of March For Our Lives is to demand that a comprehensive and effective bill be immediately brought before Congress to address these gun issues,” according to their website. “No special interest group, no political agenda is more critical than timely passage of legislation to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant in our country.” The March will begin at 10 A.M. Click here for the link to the NYC march Facebook page if you want to get involved.


Stay woke.


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