The Shaytards Are Back?

Clearly Shay and Collette have a united front as he has been active on Instagram this week and she posted on YouTube. “When we left YouTube, things were crazy. We were planning on leaving YouTube in March...” I know everyone loves to share their opinions on other people’s personal lives BUT COLLETTE COME ON. “Stuff happened, life happened.” No baby girl, your husband c h e a t e d on you. Collette has the chance to help so many women out there who are going through highly similar situations. Obviously the side that the world is seeing is much different than the side she knows to be the truth as our vision is skewed by the media, so it's hard to have a solid opinion on the matter. 

She seems to be in a happy and stable point in her life, making healthy lifestyle changes such as going on runs and meditation. My heart hurts for her though as a majority of her sentences begin with “we” instead of “I” or “me.” The one that stuck out the most was when she explained that her heart broke over the situation, then corrected herself to say both of their hearts were. But one commenter said it perfectly, “No one is lying here , Shay did a shitty thing to you ! He . REALLY. Did. But if you’re over it, then you do YOU, Collete.” And then there is the commenter who calls it as she sees it, “The alleged alcoholism is just damage control, cover story for cheating, isn't it.. yes it's awful but still sounds better than soberly cheating on the woman everyone loves. If you're sober enough to text logical (though disgusting) things you're obviously not that drunk.” Or another favorite of mine, “Standing back I think of what she's telling her girls. Not to expect fidelity and respect from her husband? Alcoholism is not an excuse! Respect yourself Colette, please!”  


Check out the video for yourself