The Search For the Best Apple Pie

‘Tis the season for delicious desserts and stretchy pants. The best part of fall and winter is all the sweets, and my favorite sweets are pies! I specifically love apple pie. I went through the grueling, difficult, and strenuous task of eating a bunch of it so I could provide you with a list of the best places to get pies. Here are my top three places to get pies ranked on flavor, crust, and texture:


#3 Little Pie Company, 424 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036:


This pie spot has the perfect mix of classic and original flavors. The open kitchen allows you to see the pies getting made freshly right in front of you. I chose the old-fashioned apple pie to taste.

Flavor: 10/10, They mastered the flavor! It was spot on with a sweet, but not too sweet cinnamon crisp apple flavor.


Crust: 7/10, The crust had a good flavor, but it was a little too dense and doughy.


Texture: 6/10, The dome shape made for an uneven and too soft texture.


Overall: 23/30, The pie was quite tasty, and it came in a large portion that is sure to fill you up!



#2 Four and Twenty Blackbirds, 439 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn 11215:


This pie shop serves a lot more than just delicious pie. They have a wide range of other treats, food, and drinks. They have unique flavors including the salted caramel apple pie that I got.

Flavor: 7/10, For being salted caramel apple it tasted pretty classic. It was very sweet, but I wanted a stronger caramel flavor.


Crust: 10/10, They made up for the lack of caramel with a great crust. The top was flaky with a little salt to balance the sweet.


Texture: 7/10, Some peels were still on the apples making the pie a little too chewy.


Overall: 24/30, The pie does come with fantastic fresh whipped cream!



#1 Petee’s Pie Company, 61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002


This small pie spot has a wide range of flavors including some great twists on classics. They also have other baked goods like sweet potato cinnamon rolls. I got the Hudson Valley apple pie.

Flavor: 8/10, A classic apple pie flavor that was super sweet.


Crust: 10/10, Buttery and flaky, just like a fresh croissant.


Texture: 7/10, The pie melts in your mouth, but the consistency is a bit too syrupy.


Overall: 25/30, This was my winner! The pie made me want to try another slice (which I, of course, did, shoutout to their sour cherry)!


You can’t go wrong with any of these places because each is phenomenal in their own way. Through this process, I reaffirmed my love of apple pie and realized I’ll do anything for it. I’ll even write an article as an excuse to eat a bunch of pies in the name of research!