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Santa Clarita Diet: Not a Netflix Original To Put at the Top of Your List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

Year after year Netflix comes out with new hit shows and competes with networks like HBO. Last year alone, Netflix gave us Stranger Things, The Crown, and a fourth season of Orange is the New Black. These are all shows that even if you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard about them because almost everyone I know has: 1- told me to watch them or 2- spoiled them. Netflix has announced second seasons for shows like Stranger Things, and Master of None, but they come out later this year. However, Netflix did release a new original called Santa Clarita Diet, which features Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, at the beginning of February. But, if you are hoping this will be your next favorite…think again.

To sum up Santa Clarita Diet; there wasn’t much depth. Personally, I watched because I love Drew Barrymore and I have a feeling that a lot of other viewers watched for the same reason. Barrymore has that sparkle for me, and talent that has carried her along from E.T. to The Wedding Singer (among other amazing movies), and now Santa Clarita Diet.

In this show she plays a mother, who is a realtor alongside her husband (Olyphant). They have a daughter and all live a seemingly “quiet” life, until randomly Barrymore’s character (kind of) dies and can only eat people and drink blood for the remainder of the show. I say (kind of) because she doesn’t die in a “traditional” manner where there is a funeral etc. but she becomes unconscious after throwing up – A LOT – and when she finally comes to, she doesn’t have a heartbeat and all of a sudden craves blood.

The show has a weird, almost sit-com like tempo where I can’t tell if it is supposed to this way or if (I’m sorry, Drew) it’s bad acting. I think the show is supposed to have this quirky atmosphere, because the scenario is insane and the writers know this. If you can’t follow the dynamic, you won’t get past the first episode. Another downside would be that the first season is 10 episodes long, each episode lasting about 30 minutes, when it could be just 4 episodes (I’m thinking along the lines of the Gilmore Girls revival). Some of the episodes feel like fillers so they could get an even 10 episodes for a traditional season, which makes the show feel like it drags on. If you want to be stimulated by a show, keep scrolling, because although this show is cute (even with all the blood,) it can turn into background noise.

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