S’MAC Review

    If you’re an avid mac & cheese lover like myself, you may have heard of a little place in the East Village called S’MAC, a restaurant devoted entirely to macaroni and cheese entrees. Named for its founder, Sarita, and short for “Sarita’s Mac and Cheese,” S’MAC is the first-ever restaurant of its kind, with only one location. Their menu is entirely customizable with options to satisfy all your cheesy cravings. There are even gluten-free and vegan options for everyone to enjoy.


    S’MAC is a very small, very quaint building and you’ll probably walk right past it if you aren’t looking close enough. But once you’re inside, you’ll love it. The smell of the homemade pasta will make you instantly hungry, and the cozy yellow lights really create a warm aesthetic. When you’re ready to order, you go up to the counter to find two computers instead of a cashier to take your order, a feature I personally loved. The computers give you the opportunity to take your time and order your meal yourself, adding any customizations you’d like without the pressure of keeping a cashier waiting while you figure out what you want. There is a multitude of different options to choose from, such as four cheese, cheeseburger mac and napoletana. But once I saw the buffalo chicken mac, I was sold. A blend of different cheeses mixed with small pieces of boneless chicken and topped with a buffalo wing sauce? Count me in.

After ordering, you take a number to your table and wait for your food to be brought out. S’MAC is a busy place with customers constantly flowing in and out while others place delivery orders, so you may be waiting quite some time to be served. But that’s a small price to pay for a fresh and delicious meal, and it is totally worth the wait. The flavors of the mac and cheese are very unique and much different from the average meals we make for ourselves in the comfort of our own homes. I ordered the “mongo” size and shared it with my little brother, but there are also smaller sizes if you want a bowl all to yourself. S’MAC is the perfect hangout spot to grab dinner with some friends or a great takeout meal for a night in. So if you ever find yourself hanging out in the East Village or just sitting at home undecided about what to have for dinner, I recommend you try S’MAC - your taste buds will totally thank you.