Review: Binge By Tyler Oakley

Over the past year we have been seeing a lot of content creators on YouTube exploring with different mediums – the most popular being books. From Hannah Hart to Zoe Sugg to Miranda Sings, the personalities you are used to seeing on your computer screen have carried their voices over to paper and set out to share stories with their viewers in a completely new way. After conquering projects like red carpets hosting gigs, raising record breaking amounts of money for his favorite charity, and recording a weekly podcast, it was no surprise that Tyler Oakley would join the list of YouTubers you could find on the shelves of your local bookstore.

Oakley is mostly known for his presence in the LGBTQ community, encouraging his viewers to live their most authentic lives and learning more about himself along the way. Even as a huge fan of his channel, I have to admit I wasn’t planning on running to the store when he announced his book. Not to say I wasn’t happy for him or didn’t believe he could do a good job writing a book, but after watching basically all of the videos he had online I couldn’t imagine what more he could possibly tell us. Oakley’s videos are so open, and he often gives the impression that he is having a friendly conversation with his viewers. I found it hard to believe there were stories I hadn’t heard him talk about in his videos or on his podcast. But when I remembered his monthly offer to download a free audiobook on Audible, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to give his book a chance. And once I did, I was so happy to learn that my skepticism could not have been more misguided. Let me tell you, with this book… Oakley delivers.

From the beginning of "Binge", I had goose bumps. Oakley starts off by explaining the title of his book, listing what he believes are the important things in life you should binge on, like being happy and petting dogs… he was clearly speaking to my soul. The book continues with a mix of fun stories from his childhood and college days, as well as more serious stuff about his past relationships, family struggles, and personal triumphs. I felt I had an even more personal experience listening to this book instead of reading it, considering it was Oakley himself telling me these stories through my ear buds. Just like his videos, his book is open, honest, and trusting to all of the people who were interested in listening to what he has to say. He is very unapologetic about who he is, while at the same time is not blind to the fact that he has made some mistakes in the past. Reading this book gives you a true sense of who he is as a person, who he is still working to become, and how much fun both him and his viewers are having along the way.

Listening to this book on the subway earned me some weird looks from people who witnessed me laughing out loud or shaking my head in disbelief; I couldn’t control my emotions. This book is that raw. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning some more about one of the most successful content creators on YouTube. Trust me, if you think you know everything there is to know about Tyler Oakley, I would think again. Treat yourself to this book, revel in its authenticity, and don’t forget to BINGE.