Pattern Pairing as Told by Instagram

The style section of Instagram can be a wonderful place to find inspiration for everyday style, especially when it comes to the unexpected pairing of two pieces- so much so that I’ve assembled posts that felt particularly compelling. So go ahead, there are no rules here.                                  


The styling for this shoot perfectly demonstrates playing up a print not by pairing it with a neutral, but by pulling all the colors together. The result is a cohesive, darling look with something to say.  




Take it from a brand that knows romance best. Here, knit stripes beautifully complement a delicate floral to create a soft and sweet feel with just a pinch of something daring. 



Precise tailoring keeps this look sophisticated while the floral and plaid hues appear reminiscent of a springtime garden while textured tights keep the fun growing. 




 This unexpected pairing pulls itself together by sticking with pink, white, and blue while the classic skirt and ankle socks work together to give off a vibe that is too cool for school.   



 Not a mix, but a match! This rockstar looks playful and casual while proving that pairing the same pattern in different colors is definitely a do.   



 Yes, cheetah print counts as a neutral and can be worn with colors other than black. Reds, navy, or dark green brings out the print without making either garment compete with the other.   



 Dainty, tiny prints keep the eyes wondering without feeling too overwhelming, a respectable choice for those just starting to experiment.  


The best part is, there’s no need to feel like you have to be a “grammer” or have certain clothes. All it takes is some creativity! Take time to see how you can wear pieces you already own in a different way and you’ll feel confident and original. That’s all there is to it.