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‘The Office’ Christmas Episodes Ranked

Other than twinkle lights being everywhere, one of my other favorite parts of the holiday season are the special Christmas episodes of my much-loved TV shows. For me, there is no show more special than The Office, and although the show is no longer on the air, every year I always make space in my holiday movie lineup to appreciate the gems that are the Christmas episodes of The Office. Here is my ranking of the 7 Christmas episodes for you to enjoy this holiday season.



7. “Christmas Wishes” Season 8

This is the first Christmas episode without Michael Scott and while Andy tries to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true, the only real gift of this episode is Dwight’s inspired air-guitar performance of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas/Sarajevo.”


6. “Dwight Christmas” Season 9

We FINALLY get a glimpse into how Dwight and his ancestors celebrate the sacred holiday of Christmas. Dwight dresses up as Belsnickel and we are offered relief from the meh-ness of the final season of the show. 


5. “Secret Santa” Season 6

Phyllis gets to play Santa and Michael dresses up as Jesus because he’s the only person more important on Christmas.


4. “Benihana Christmas” Season 3

So much happens in this episode. There’s lunch at Benihana’s where Andy tries to find Michael a rebound date, rival Christmas parties happening, and eventually Kevin’s rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” with Darryl in the breakroom. 

3. “Classy Christmas” Season 7

Michael tries to create a “classy” party to impress Holly who is returning from the Nashua branch. Dwight and Jim are involved in an epic snowball fight.


2. “Christmas Party” Season 2

The OG Christmas episode where there’s an impromptu Yankee Swap of everyone’s Secret Santa gifts. We not only see Jim’s feelings for Pam expressed through his gift, but Michael’s feelings for Ryan as well. Phyllis knits an adorable, underappreciated oven mitt and we still don’t know much about Creed other than that he’s maybe Irish.


1. “Moroccan Christmas” Season 5

Michael stages and intervention in the office, using information he found on a Mormon website, after Meredith’s hair catches on fire.  Phyllis finally gets to plan a party and gets revenge on Angela and Dwight gets in the Christmas spirit by selling the year’s most popular toy, Princess Unicorn dolls, through a black-market type operation out of the office. This is the most Office-y The Office Christmas episode and therefore takes the champion position at the top of the list.



There’s a lot to love in each episode, do you agree with my rankings? Regardless, there’s no doubt that watching your favorite episode will fill you with enough Christmas cheer to make it through the final weeks of class!

Communication Arts and Dance student in NYC. Interests include the arts, The Office, and anything with sprinkles. 
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