NYC Pickle Day 2018

What’s Pickle Day? Pickle Day is a magical day in October when the Lower East Side is turned into a pickle lover’s heaven. Orchard Street is shut down and packed with pickle-themed vendors. Pickle Day may possibly be the sole reason I moved to New York City. Here is my Pickle Day experience this year!


I attended Pickle Day last year, and since then I have been saving the date. I couldn’t wait for the event, and it did not disappoint! When I got there, it was super crowded, but I didn’t care because when in pursuit of pickles, nothing else matters. There were regular pickles, pickle brine, fried pickles, pickle ice cream, pickled fruits, and so much more! The pickle brine was great plain, and it can be used in so many different foods and drinks. I ate an obscene amount of fried pickles and sampled all the different pickled fruits and veggies (turns out pickled mango is not my thing). My friends and I took some quality pickle photos at the photo station in cardboard cutouts and with the guy dressed in a pickle costume. The highlight was definitely the free pickles from The Pickle Guys, which was worth waiting in a 15-minute line for. Overall, I consumed a lot of pickles and loved being surrounded by people who loved pickles as much as me!


I can’t wait for next year, and after writing this I need to go eat a big Kosher Dill!