My Top 8 Glossier Products

I have to admit, I wasn’t all too familiar with Glossier until this past Christmas, when my sister gifted me a Berry Balm Dot Com lip balm and since then, I’ve fallen in love with the company. When I visited London over winter break, we visited the Glossier shop there and bought 3 products that put me on the kick even more. I have also been to the one here in NYC, where I bought one thing. Listed are all the Glossier products I own, in no particular order, and my reviews of them: 


1. Bubblewrap

Under-eye and lip plumping cream. I apply each night to both places and the results are wonderful. I have major under eye bags and the cream has diminished them significantly. My lips have become more defined and look better than they did before. I love this product. 


2. Generation Lipstick: LEO  

Not only is this lipstick such a cute color, but how well it applies and stays on throughout the day is a real win. It doesn’t make your lips feel dry or chapped, but if you want your lips to have that moisture and shine, apply a coat of clear lip gloss on top. It looks really good with the lipstick. 


3. Berry Balm Dot Com and Birthday Balm Dot Com 

These two products not only smell delicious, but they are multifunctional. For your lips, and or cuticles, and dry skin, the results are really nice. It keeps your skin and lips moisturized, while healing impurities. I can’t wait to try the other flavors, but I am going to wait until I finish these two first. 


4. Glitter Gelee and Applying Brush 

The shade I got, Bijoux Bijoux, is a wonderful, neutral shade that can match anything. Whenever I go out and want to get a bit dressed up, or even just for the heck of it, I apply some on eye glitter with the applying brush and I love it so much. 


5. FutureDew 

This is an oil serum hybrid that, once applied, gives you “an instant dewy glow” and delivers some great skincare benefits. I only had a sample of it that came with my order, but I loved this product and want to get more of it. 


6.  ColorSlide Technogel Eye Pencil: Hardcore Velvet

I am really getting into colored eyeliners and this one is a great choice if you’re looking for some. I love this color and will eventually go back and get more colors. 


7.  Milky Jelly Cleanser 

This is a conditioning face wash that leaves your face free of impurities and leaves it smooth and still full of moisture. I only had a sample of this as well, but it was a really good product that I will definitely get more of. 


8.  CloudPaint 

I haven’t ever owned any of this product, but I’ve sampled a few colors in the 2 shops I’ve been to and I will definitely be buying a color in the near future. The colors really pop on your skin and keep the color for a while throughout the day. 


I love Glossier and I can’t wait to go back hopefully sometime soon and buy more products cause I love them! Makeup is now one of my favorite things, and I’ve really gotten into it more because of Glossier.