My Thoughts on 'The Thrill of It All'

On November 3, 2017 Sam Smith dropped his highly anticipated second album The Thrill of it All. The album boasts 14 tracks of emotional power ballads and quality bops alike, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been listening to these new bad boys nonstop because let’s be real, Sam kept us waiting for these for far too long. A true master of his craft, Smith takes us on yet another emotional rollercoaster of an album and obviously, I have a lot to say about it.

So here are my thoughts on each track so you can empathize with my vulnerable girl heart or can prepare yourself for your own impending emotional victimization.


1. Too Good at Goodbyes

The first single of the album, so it’s the oldie but goodie of the bunch. Knowing when to say goodbye, knowing when to hit the high notes, Sam Smith is too good at it all in this one. Plus any song with snap element gets me going, so really I’m all about this one.


2. Say It First

Alright, not my favorite but it touches on those classic Sam Smith feels. The vulnerability of being the first one to say how you feel in a new relationship is tough, but I agree with Sam, you should say it first. 


3. One Last Song

Seriously, catch me step-touching on the platform waiting for my train in the morning to this one. So catchy, so empowering. Sing one last song for that fool and move on. 


4. Midnight Train

Knowing when to say goodbye or walk away seems like a theme here and I’m good with it. I do have to say that this is a deceptive bop though. You’ll be jamming and then it will be over and you’ll say “this is weird, why am I sad now.”


5. Burning

Good song, but he says “no insurance” in one of the verses which gives me anxiety, so again for that reason I’d say it’s a good one, but not a fave. 


6. HIM

The Sam-Smith-gospel-choir-vibrato-falsetto thing is strong here. Classic. Can’t complain. Also love who you love always. I’m sold. 


7. Baby, You Make Me Crazy

Another step-touch subway bop. Can’t get someone off your mind? Make you crazy? Same. And same for Sam Smith, he gets it. Paraphrased: play your favorite rhythm to get them out of your system, then deal with the feels tomorrow. 


8. No Peace (feat. YEBBA)

I want to karaoke the sh*t out of this song. It’s a duet and I want both parts. You’ll feel the same way guaranteed.


9. Palace

Ok so this song is going to resurface all those feels of that love – that first love, that first ‘ship, that summer fling – that love that was so good that you didn’t even realize it until it was over. 

“Real love is never a waste of time.” - and with that, just like the Grinch, my fragile heart grew five sizes or whatever it is.


10. Pray

The second single, so obviously it’s good. That’s all.


11. Nothing Left for You

Still stuck on someone? This is your bop. A little annoyed by this one though. I feel like this whole album is telling me to get myself together and move on, but then I get hit with a verse like, “I’ll live out the rest of my days alone.” Sam Smith what are you doing! Emotions are hard so please pick an angle here, I need direction.


12. The Thrill of It All

Another ‘you didn’t realize how good it was until it was over’ situation going on here. I like this one though, and if you’ve ever over-romanticized a relationship during /after the fact I think this song speaks to that for sure.


13. Scars

Beautiful song and message but at this point in the album I’m in a very introspective/feely place so it’s not what I need. I need to sit in those feels Sam Smith, don’t redirect my emotions in the penultimate song! Come on!


14. One Day at a Time

After being thrown off by the previous song it’s hard for me to recover completely to enjoy this one, but I will say I like it. Simple, lovely, he also mentions English rivers which imagery wise is always an A+ in my book. It also finishes the album on a pretty optimistic note: be nostalgic but be able to move on.


Overall I’d say this is a pretty solid album, and one that we will be able to enjoy for a long time which is good because knowing Sam Smith, it might be a while until we get any new music.