My Stitch Fix Experience

We all know too well that online shopping can sometimes be an experience full of confusion and doubt. A thousand questions run through my head before I click the checkout button. What if it doesn’t fit? How much will the return cost be? When will it get here? The list goes on and on. Many startup brands have made it their mission to create more efficient and personalized online shopping experiences. Stitch Fix, a company founded in 2011, is at the front of the online personal shopping market. They leave your wardrobe in the hands of one of their stylists. All that's required of you is a quick style survey so your stylist can get a feel for what you like. The upfront fee is $20. That gets you a shipment of five products that can be clothes, accessories, or shoes. You simply schedule a date for when your “fix” will arrive, pay that styling fee, and wait patiently for your package to arrive. So easy and very exciting! Another great feature is that you can actually enter a link for a Pinterest board for your stylist to use as a reference. If you’re anything like me, you already had one filled with outfit inspiration. The whole initial process felt very personalized so I was excited to see what they would come up with for me.

Two days earlier than my scheduled date of arrival my “fix” had finally come. The packaging was bright, organized, and gave a great sense of the brand.

I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what they had sent me! There was a little envelope and inside was a personalized note from my stylist explaining her picks for me, extra information on the brands and items, the prices of the products, and some great styling tips.

Now it was onto the good stuff! I was sent three tops, a pair of shoes, and a small handbag. In the price option section of the style survey I had selected “the cheaper the better” — as any college student would have — so I was a bit surprised when I glanced at the receipt (which totaled just over $200 for all of the items, including the $20 styling fee.) The good news is your $20 styling fee can be applied to your purchase. Also, if you buy all five items, you get a 25% off discount.

After a mini fashion show in front of my mirror, I decided what I wanted to keep and began the return process. The first thing to be done is log onto your account, select the items you wish to keep and give feedback to your stylist so they know your preferences for your next fix! They send the return package with the label already placed onto it and all I needed to do what put my items in and drop it off at any USPS location—super easy!

The items Stitch Fix sent me fit perfectly into my style, but also opened me up to things I wouldn’t normally grab in a store. It was great because I could try these things on with what I already had so I could get a better feel for if I would really wear them. That personalization was present throughout the whole process. From the style quiz, to the stylist’s note, to the items I was sent, I felt like it was true to my personal style. The process may end up being a bit pricey if you happen to fall in love with everything they sent you—which I fear may happen too often—but it also seems to respark the excitement of online shopping. Stitch Fix lets you schedule monthly fixes, but there’s no pressure to do so. You can simply schedule one for whenever you’re feeling like you need a little wardrobe upgrade! I have to say that I’ve become a pretty big fan of Stitch Fix and am already itching for my next fix!