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A few days ago officially marked a month of me being 21, and I have got to say, it has been a bit underwhelming so far, to say the least. The thought of being carded and then not getting in trouble because I’m of legal age used to always excite me, but I have yet to be carded. And I know I have a whole year to be like, “I’m 21, I’m legal”, but the excitement is sort of already wearing off. Even on my birthday, I went to a restaurant with my friend Averee and I ordered a peach bellini, and me being unaware for a second, asked the waitress if there was alcohol in it (I know, dumb question). But even then, the waitress didn’t even think to card me, which was pretty funny if you think about it. My birthday ended up being so wonderful because my big sister threw me a surprise party with my wonderful friends and I could not have been happier or more grateful. Definitely had a few drinks that night and in the end, it’s still fun knowing that if I wanted to get a drink while I’m out with friends or family, I could. One thing that was opened up to me since turning 21 was going out to bars with my already 21-year-old friends. I had never been able to go out with them in this capacity but now, everything is open. There is an ice cream speakeasy near my apartment that I have been dying to go to and can’t wait to go with friends. We’re making plans as we speak! 

When I also think about being 21, it’s an interesting dynamic for me because I used to live in Germany, and in Germany, it is legal to drink at 16. I guess I wasn’t much of a drinker because compared to all of my friends my age that were, I just know my tolerance for alcohol right now is not as high as theirs is, having had all these years to build up that tolerance. Because of the fact that I was legal to drink for 4 years while I lived there, maybe that’s why it has been a bit underwhelming so far. Regardless, it’s fun turning 21.

Aside from legally being able to drink, turning 21 means that I only have 1 more year of college. 1 more year until I am out in the real world. 1 more year until the hunt for a job in my desired career field actually becomes real. Not going to lie, that freaks me out a bit. I was taken off of my parents’ health insurance, dental, optical, etc, and that means I have to figure out my own options haha yay. So many more responsibilities that have been thrown at me, that, don’t get me wrong I’m ready for them, they’re just all coming at me so fast that it’s hard to keep up for the most part. 

Turning 21 has been a bit daunting in some aspects, and a bit underwhelming in some aspects, but that doesn’t take away from how excited I am to be entering this new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to see what my 21st year brings me.

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