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My Jean Jacket Is My Favorite Accessory

Denim. It’s a classic material appropriate for all seasons and occasions. Whether it’s a classic jean short (jort, if you will) or an overall or dress, denim is versatile and always in style. But, finding the right denim can be one of the biggest challenges a fashionista can face. The right wash, fit, and perfect amount of oversized-ness can really determine if the denim is right for you.

I stumbled upon my favorite denim accessory in an Old Navy in White Marsh, Maryland. Having gone to thrift stores upon thrift stores, I couldn’t believe I found this jacket hanging on a bottom rack untouched. Old Navy has always been a hit-or-miss store for me. Sometimes I love it and end up in the dressing room with 12 different pieces, and other times I wander around wondering who in the world picked this season’s pieces! And let’s not even talk about prices. A top can be $40, or the entire store is 70% off. So when I found this perfect, light washed jacket hanging alone with not a another denim jacket around it, I prayed to the denim gods it was one of those 70% off moments. I flipped over the flimsy white paper tag to reveal the promising neon orange sticker. ORANGE STICKER = SALE! I remember shrieking a little with joy when the price read $11.99! I ran over to my mom, giddy like a kid who just heard the faint sound of ice cream truck chimes in the middle of summer. After a 10 minute wait in line, and polite banter with the cashier, the jacket was mine!

Almost two years later, it is still my favorite piece in my wardrobe. It has grown with me as I have grown over the past years. Pins of dogs in party hats and ice cream have been replaced with “I Voted” buttons and feminist catch phrases. I have acquired some patches, not as many I would like so far, that express my personality as well. A woman’s fist powering the female gender sign: a souvenir from my first time at Refinery29’s 29Rooms art exhibit. A patch that reads “Llama drama” from a cute shop when I visited my best friend in Portland Oregon. This jacket represents me and who I am. I love that I can take a plain piece and accessorize it with so many different details to make it unique to me. Everyone has a jean jacket, but no one has MY jean jacket.

Whether it is over my my shimmering gold jumpsuit before a night out, my off the shoulder blouse and jeans going to brunch, or throwing it on with leggings, tank top and messy bed-head to get my Sunday afternoon latte—my jean jacket pulls whatever look I have going to me together. It’s the perfect accessory for a fall morning or a summer night, and completes the athleisure look I still haven’t quite mastered. In 10 years, my jacket is going to look a lot different. Maybe patches will be out and it will be minimal, just denim. Maybe it will be painted or dyed. I don’t know. But what I do know, is that this jacket is going to be a part of my wardrobe forever and I am really excited about it.


Hey I'm Hailey! I'm a freshman communication Arts major at Marymount Manhattan College. I'm hoping to either make a career out of writing for blogs, magazines, websites, or maybe even being a news or sports anchor. I'm also very passionate about dance so you can always find me in a class somewhere or just dancing around my apartment!
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