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Met Gala 2018: Jaw Dropping Looks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

If I took a shot for every time I said “no one can top that look” last night, I’d be out for a week. These women did not come to play. The theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was one that people could actually understand as compared to the previous year (“Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between”). Let’s dive right in because these looks all speak for themselves… very loud and very clear. 

Katy Perry 

Not subtle in the slightest. Victoria’s Secret better strap in because Katy’s coming for the angels. 

J Lo

Give me a second, gotta find my jaw I dropped it. 

Kim K

Hold on, it’s still on the ground. SHE CAME THROUGH DRIPPIN’ in goooold. 

Cardi B

One of the top pregnant looks a red carpet has ever seen. Jeremy Scott knows what’s up. 


Yes… That is a nativity scene on her head. Carrie would be proud. 

Blake Lively

Truly there a no words. She’s never looked bad, never will. Always kills it. 


The pope better watch out, cause RiRi snuck into his closet. 

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