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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

We have waited YEARS for the day when Lorde would release new music. The day has finally arrived! For the last few weeks she has been teasing us on Instagram and Twitter that there is a new album in the works. With lyrics from the album, or a tweet that she whispered it to her mother in the car. She has been telling us fans that this album will encompass her last two years of exciting beautiful life.

Her sophomore album will be titled “MELODRAMA” and is soon to be released (rumored March 7). The title of the album showcases her new adult but still child-like charisma. The first single “GREEN LIGHT” is a great single to start her album hype that we already have for this new album. Not to mention a music video was released to  accompany her exciting new single. 

She encapsulates the audience with such an interesting connection of lyrics and chords; the song builds to a steady dance beat that will make anyone get up and JAM.


She had three listening stations in Auckland, New Zealand the night before this was released where fans in her native city were able to hear a taste of the single before it was released to the world. This single is different from her old songs such as “Royals” or “Tennis Court” because it has a more pop and dance beat behind it. Although Lorde is not one to back away from her original alternative and quirky style. She incorporates dance beats with her alternative roots and voice.

Lorde tweeted about how happy she is about this album and single.

She is such a beautiful and proud artist who will not apologize for being herself. She calls this single the “first chapter” of her full album (aka story) of her life over the last year. We can expect something amazing from her and the co-writer of the album, Jack Antonoff.

The single showcases her new and more mature voice and outlook on life. ‘Green Light’ is just the beginning of the amazing things that Lorde is going to bring us this year. She is lined up to perform at Coachella and join the rest of the amazing artists there this summer.

This year is just the beginning for Lorde and her music career. We have missed this bundle of love and joy! If the rest of the album has this same vibe and dedication I can not wait to see what she has in store!