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Feeling the winter blues- and hard? With spring just a few weeks away, lets take a look back at the fun we had last summer, and hope this one holds even more!

Ashley Coppolino (@heyitsashleyy) hanging out at the Baltimore Seaport.

Victoria Piering (@vickypie94) enjoying the magical sights at Walt Disney World!

Irene Gonzales (@officiallyirene) having a ball at Yankee Stadium!

Amy Craw (@swagasusual) taking a break from NYC to explore London

Brooke Materia (@brookemateria) getting snuggly with her puppy

Lindsay Green (@lbgreen12) keeping it cool at the beach

Jessica Rozycki (@jessicarozycki) considering a transfer to Hogwarts

Selena Reyes (@selena_reyes8) soaking up the California rays

Cezanne Paton (@cezanne_ap) hanging out in the city.

Professor Ashlie Klepper (@ask_ashlie) proving even professors have fun at Citi Field






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