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Katy Hannon, ’15

Name: Katy Hannon    Hometown: Budd Lake, New JerseyMajor: CommunicationsOn Campus Involvement: Special Events Chair (CAB), Senior Marshal, Peer Leader, Layout Design (Yearbook)Past Internships/Jobs: Event Planning Intern for the Lar Lubovitch Dance CompanyBest memory at MMC: Becoming a Peer Leader changed my life, as well as joining Campus Activities Board. These two opportunities have given me so many late nights, early mornings, and insane belly laughs with some of the best people I ever could have hoped to meet in the last year and a half. Shout out to my PLs (especially Hailey Haywood and Ryan Atwell) for showing me how to live and for keeping me young and fearless.Fav Class You’ve Taken: Comm. in a new “Genderation” with Professor Jenny Dixon. It was literally the safest space for anybody to learn about the world, different genders, and different sexualities that you may not understand.Advice for prospective students: Join on-campus organizations. Get involved. I’m not saying that you need to joing ALL of the clubs, but you’ll never know whether or not you like something unless you try it. Marymount has 33+ active clubs and ANYBODY (seriously) is able to create a club of their particular interests (Harry Potter inspired a really cool club on campus), and you should take advantage of these opportunities while you have them. Also- being involved means you’ll know people OUTSIDE of your major and maybe even your comfort zone. Half my best friends aren’t Comm. Majors and I love that we can share different perspectives on life together. Finally- being involved means being in-the-know. AKA, you’ll always know when, where, and how to get free food.  

FavesTV Show: The Fosters, GREY’S ANATOMY, Scandal, Young and Hungry, Switched at Birth… These are all the shows I binge watch on the weekends to catch up on everything.Book: Honestly… John Green is amazing. Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns made me a better person.Study Spot: 3rd floor in the library on the square chairs at the end of the book cases. Always.Song: Silent Way by Milo Greene.Snack: Yogurt covered pretzels… and red velvet Sprinkles cupcakes.Celebrity Crush: Ruby Rose. Done. Dead. I can’t.Website: Buzzfeed. The Try Guys complete me.

Pick One!Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? FROYO.Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? My Jersey heart can’t turn on Dunkin TOO easily, but Dunkin for the vanilla chai on cold days and Starbucks for their Green Tea Lemonade and Bacon/Gouda Sandwiches.Stay up late or wake up early? I wish I could sleep earlier so that waking up earlier could actually feel like less of a chore… #TheStruggleIsTooReal #Senioritisx1000Brooklyn Nets or New York Knicks? …Broadway? I can’t even pretend to like sports.Concerts or Broadway Shows? Broadway! GO SEE FUN HOME RIGHT NOW, or IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU. OMG.Union Square Park or Washington Square Park? Washington Sq.Walk or Subway? Walking is amazing. But if the subway is working, I love it.Gossip Girl or Sex & The City? …Broad City??


Jessica Norton, 22, Communication Arts major / Journalism minor at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Pop Writer at MTV News. Creator and host of YouTube show of Camera By Her Side. Former Editorial intern at Us Weekly magazine, Features Entertainment & Lifestyles Intern at Seventeen Magazine, Assistant Team Advisor at NSLC Journalism, Film, and Media Arts, and Alloy Entertainment Digital Intern. I love yoga, traveling, pop culture, froyo, the beach, boy bands, bright colors, and lemonade. @jessnort || @camerabyherside
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