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It’s Fashion Revolution Week!

Fashion Revolution Week is a time to come together and work towards the common vision of a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Centered around the Rana Plaza factory collapse of April 24, 2013, the annual event reminds us that no one should die for fashion. 

This year’s theme Rights, Relationships, and Revolution reflects the radical shift that needs to happen in our relationships with each other, with our clothes, within fashion supply chains and with the natural world so that the rights of people and the rights of nature hold more of the power wherever decisions are being made. A fashion industry that has long reinforced inequality and sidestepped responsibility has made us forget the interconnectedness of human rights and human nature. This Fashion Revolution Week, Fashion Revolution is bringing people together from across the community, amplifying unheard and marginalised voices, and working together to explore innovative and interconnected solutions.

To get involved and join the world’s biggest fashion activism movement, you can email a brand asking #WhoMadeMyClothes?, hang a poster in your window, attend a virtual event, and invite a friend to take part in the campaign using the resources on fashionrevolution.org from April 19th-25th. 

Studying Fashion Marketing and Digital Journalism at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC in hopes of one day becoming a big time magazine editor.
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