The Importance Of Galentine’s Day And Female Friendships


What’s Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is a holiday coined on the show Parks and Rec by the wonderful Leslie Knope. Galentine’s Day is every February 13th and is dedicated to celebrating all the amazing female friendships in your life. Think Friendsgiving, but girl power!



So, why is Galentine’s Day so important?

Galentine’s Day is about strong women and friendship, it is a holiday dedicated to celebrating women lifting women up. Romantic love is important and gets plenty of attention (walk into any supermarket around Valentine’s Day for proof), but maintaining strong friendships and appreciating those bonds and one another is equally important. Galentine’s is a day to celebrate the ladies always by your side, the friends who support you and are there for the ups and downs. Galentine’s is also a day to acknowledge strong women that constantly inspire you. Women around the world face a lot of hardships; it is important to recognize the accomplishments women throughout history have made and the obstacles they have overcome. It is women like Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, and Elizabeth Blackwell that demonstrate the perseverance and undefeatable spirit of women. Galentine’s Day acknowledges the power of women and that when supporting each other anything is possible.


So, take a day out of the year to appreciate your girlfriends, the ways you raise each other up, and the tenacity of girl power.