How to Survive Finals: MMC Style

Finals are slowly approaching, typically around this time you are used to seeing articles about how to thrive during this time. But I am here to show you how to survive: MMC style. Below I have compiled a list of tips and tricks about how to make it out alive.

First things first, for the entire month of December, throw all things style, beauty, and fashion out the window. It is a HUGE stressor that does not need to be added to your Mount Everest sized course load. This is the time to embrace you inner model off duty look of no makeup, sweats, and sneakers.

This week is truly the calm before the storm, because come next week we will all be hit with a wave of five exams, five presentations, and five research papers *insert water works now*. Crying in December is inevitable be it from stress or cold weather and that’s okay because MMC has some great spots to shed a tear or two:

  • Literally anywhere and everywhere. Acting plays a huge role at MMC, so blame it on a class. You’re just practicing for your latest scene!

  • For a person who is a tad more on the shy side: the women’s bathroom on the third floor of Main. Why? Because people barely know it exists, therefore it’s always empty.

Now that you’ve been crying and haven’t gotten much sleep, a nap is pretty ideal. Surprising as it may sound, MMC has some fabulous places for this, too. I have scouted for the prime locations. Take a look:

  • Upper level of the library between the bookshelves. Trust me, you will not be bothered. No one ever looks for books there. But snatch your spot ASAP because the rows get taken up quickly!

  • Fifth floor of Nugent. All hail the big red couches! Warning: it tends to get noisy in between classes.

Moving on to the most vital piece of information I could possibly share. What time to hit up Starbucks ☕️ for your caffeine fix or the Café for a quick bite. Never ever everrrrr go 15 minutes before a class starts, you will end up waiting at least 30 minutes. Instead opt to go 15 minutes after class has begun, it will be less crowded and you won’t feel rushed.

There is no doubt during the month of December that we will all be faced with a few bumps and bruises. But we will all make it out alive.