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I was fortunate to have had a birthday last year, January 30th, that was before quarantine started, when going to a restaurant and out amongst other people wasn’t a huge concern. No one knew what was coming in the next month and a half. I was in Germany for my birthday, because it was the day before my sister and I flew back to NYC for the spring semester. But as 2020 turned to 2021, there was no hope for the pandemic to be over in time for my 20th birthday. However, despite the circumstance that the whole world is plagued with at the moment, I still managed to make the most out of a big birthday for me. My years as a teen had come to an end and I was officially a true adult. The day started with my mom making a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and she made a giant one that had 20 written in blueberries. It really made me smile because it was quite adorable. 


Opening my presents followed breakfast and then I got ready for a wonderful 20th birthday photoshoot courtesy of my mom. She is a professional photographer and when I asked if we could do one on my birthday a few days earlier, she got so excited because she hadn’t taken pictures of anything with her camera in almost a year. The shoot was so much fun and I love how the pictures turned out!! I changed every profile picture of me to pictures from that shoot. 


After the shoot, we stopped at the bakery where I ordered my gourmet Cannoli cake to have after my favorite dinner of stromboli. After the bakery, we came home and just relaxed until my sister’s boyfriend came over and joined us for a really fun game night. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and my family enjoys the franchise, but definitely not as much as me. So whenever we play Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, I always win because I am more invested in the movies and books. Sven, my sister’s boyfriend, however, is a huge fan as well, so when he played too, I had some great competition. Dinner and cake time came and went, with the cake being some of the best cake I have ever eaten! Wow!  It was extremely delicious. All around, the day was wonderful spending it with my family and with so many friends and family members wishing me so many well wishes for the day and even for the year of me being 20! I am so grateful for the day that I was able to have despite the limitations we are all under. Here’s to 20!! 

Double Major in Digital Journalism & Cinema, Television & Emerging Media with a Minor in International Studies NYC I'm always asked where I'm from and my answer should just become "all over the place" because I have moved so many times.
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