How to Guide Your Bestie Through Their Breakup, Even When You're Miles Away

We all have our best friends, that person we would do anything and everything for. That person who has seen us at our best and worst stages. And everyone can relate to how hard it is to keep in touch when friends go off to college, and aren’t just a quick drive or walk away anymore. 


So what happens when you get the text or call, that your best friend and their significant other broke up? PANIC SETS IN! Obviously we can’t be there in person for endless hugs and a Ben and Jerry’s run, so what can you do? 


Here are some helpful tips on how to cheer up your friend, even when you can’t be there! 


Call them! 

Even if they say they don’t feel like talking about it, CALL! Giving them that reassurance of knowing you are there for them, even miles away, makes such a huge difference. Whether it’s five minutes because they really don’t want to talk about it, or two hours because they needed to spill, hearing your voice will make your bestie feel better in the moment. 


Send a card

In the age of direct messaging and texting as primary communication, a lot of people forget about the value of snail mail! Whether you bought a card, or crafted something up yourself, a cute card sending well-wishes is a sure-fire way to put a smile on their face. 


Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t want to get candy in the mail? Send your pal something sweet as an instant happiness booster. Bonus points if you make cute signs to go along with them. Like on a package of Swedish fish make a small tag saying: “there’s plenty of fish in the sea!” 


A Full-on Break Up Survival Kit

You see box subscriptions everywhere, providing snacks, makeup, and even exercise gear. Take inspiration from these boxes, to create your own ‘breakup box’ for your friend. Think of adding things like, chocolate, a soothing candle, face masks, nail polish, a stress ball, and anything that you know your bestie loves. This is a personal touch, that doesn’t take too long to make, that will let your friend know how much you care, even from far away! If you don’t have the time to craft up your own box, check out Etsy for pre-created boxes and have them shipped right to your friend’s door. 


It’s hard to be away from friends, especially when they are going through a hard time. But take these tips and send your friend some love when they might need it!