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Historic 2018 Midterm Election has Highest Voter Turnout in 50 years

This year’s midterm election saw a surge in voter turnout, projections estimating that 48.5% of all registered voters cast a ballot. This is a significant increase, in comparison to last midterm’s estimate of 36.6%. This year was the highest turnout for a midterm election since 1970! In the 2014 midterms, 83 million votes were cast; this years midterm had an estimated 114 million. Youth votes, in particular, saw a massive increase. There was a 188% increase in votes from people ages 18-29 when compared to the 2014 election. Before Tuesday, election records were already being broken. Dozens of states set records with all-time highs for early voter turnout. It is reported that in 27 states, the number of early voter ballots surpassed 2014 midterm totals.

As a result of this election, there is a record number of women now serving in Congress. Overall, it has been a very historic midterm election!


AJ Pagnani

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