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A Guide to the Perfect Lashes

Have you ever done a full face of makeup, and found that it was missing that one thing to make it pop?

Lashes are the perfect effect! There’s a lash for every mood, event, or look you’re trying to go for. Finding a good pair or putting them on can make it difficult for some makeup lovers to incorporate them into their routine. Let me break it down for you ambitious queens. 



Where to Buy Lashes

It can be hard to know where to find the best quality lashes. There’s a multitude of places to purchase them which can make it overwhelming. A good place to start is the drug store. CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, or even Target and Walmart, if you’re looking for affordable options. Of course, Sephora and Ulta will also welcome you with great quality lashes if you’re willing to spend a little more on them. 

Lash glue would be the next step. Popular brands that most people use are Lash Duo, Ardell, or Kiss. They come in a tube that you can squeeze, or in a strip tube with an applicator. The glue is essential to a perfect lash, so be sure to purchase some.

How to Apply

You’re almost there! So once you’ve beat your face, and you’ve applied your eyeliner or mascara, you’re ready to apply the cute lashes you’ve bought. Make sure you carefully remove the lashes from the packaging. Be sure not to tug too hard when removing the lashes. It may affect the shape or even rip some off. 

Cut It Down, Girl!

You should size your lashes according to your eye shape, and everyone’s eye shape is different so don’t feel bad if you have to chop some off. When cutting your lashes make sure you cut from the end, that way there’s no bluntness in the front where it should look natural. 

Glue, and Wait!

Next apply your glue and let it sit for a few seconds, so the glue can get tacky. Once the glue is tacky, go for it! You may want to use tweezers for this part. 


It’s easier to position it onto the middle of your lash line pressing down firmly but gently. Proceed aligning it with the rest of your lash line, and applying pressure with your tweezers or fingers. Voila! It’s definitely easier said than done, but once you start to do it, it’ll become second nature.  


Now that your lashes are on, you can let them do their alluring magic! It’s nice to experiment and try new things so, give it a shot. There’s a lash for every girl and every makeup look. Now go on and be your bad self, lashes or not!

Ileana Reed

Marymount '21

I'm going to school in a new city with different people and different trends. I love spreading positivity, and talking about fun ideas. Im very artistic and love to dabble in writing, photography, fashion, and film!
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