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Goodbye Japril, Hello Jaggie: The New Love Triangle On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Grey’s Anatomy will never disappoint when it comes to romance and giving your life a little extra stress. The producers love to kill off our favorite characters and build some of the most sought out power couples on T.V. The newest power couple potentially on the rise is Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce. Jackson Avery, the plastics god, has had a series of relationships on the show. Maggie has not had the best luck when it comes to finding “the one”. April Kepner, is Jackson’s former wife and mother of his child. The two shared great times together. Now, divorced they have went their separate ways and may or may not be going on dates to meet a new boo.

Jackson and Maggie have always supported each other with surgical gains and are the shows two biracial surgeons. Maggie and Jackson did not  acknowledge each other in any romantic way and were simply just friends. Jackson, being the great guy he is allowed April to remain in his home even though they were divorced because it was in the best interest of their daughter. Not until the end the of season 13 were the possible signs of a new relationship noticed. Maggie’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she sought out Jackson to be her doctor. Besides being her mom’s surgeon, Jackson was there to comfort Maggie as she watched her mom undergo surgeries and treatment. Maybe the support created feelings?

Season 13 episode 16 was when Jackson went to go and find his father. He accomplished meeting his father but also had a steamy hook-up with his former wife. This hook-up left myself and all my friends wondering if Jackson and April were going to get back together. April Kepner was the first to speak out on what she thought was flirting. In the season 13 finale, April confronted Maggie just after Maggie yelled at Jackson for running into the hospital fire. The two shared a long stare at each other and it was clear that April was the third man out and did not have Jackson’s attention. I mean with those gorgeous green eyes, I would kill for him to look at me. Despite what she may have thought after their hook-up, April now felt that Jackson had feelings for Maggie.

Maggie and Jackson have had a few awkward exchanges during season 14. Family dinners and making sure one is dressed  properly has allowed for them to really think about if they have any feelings each other. Oh yeah did I say family dinners? Jackson and Maggie are step brother and sister. Jackson’s mom, Catherine Avery, married Maggie’s father, Richard Webber. Brothers and sisters can’t exactly date, so maybe this rule will keep the two from having that first kiss. Or maybe April really will have to accept that Jackson might have feelings for Maggie and no longer has time for her.



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