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Go Dump Your SO: Why Single Life Is The Way To Go

Disclaimer: my title is not insinuating that those in a committed, loving relationship should actually go dump their significant other after reading my humble argument. (In other words, please don’t hate me, couply people.)


This topic has already been discussed in great depth across the Internet (“you don’t need a boyfriend to be happy!” “being single means having all the hookups you want!”) but I just wanted to briefly offer another take on the subject. Honestly, people may pine for a SO, but being single is so, so much easier. You can still be extensively loved and sexually fulfilled—or take a break from that hookup-y stuff to focus on the rest of your darn life, because you are a strong, focused, independent woman!



Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… I realize that some people consider finding a lifelong partner a significant life goal of theirs and some have partners so much of the time that being single just feels lonely and off. As someone who has no plans to get married in the near or far future and has spent most of her life single, I am probably a bit biased. But, judging by the small bit of time I have spent in relationships, I would pick being on my own over starting a relationship most days.


Being in a relationship means being tied down to another person, which means caring for them and their needs along with your own. Now yes, there are many, many other types of relationships which require you to devote yourself to another person—most require it at least a little bit—but being in a romantic one takes it a bit far. They’re not just another person you care about: they’re your significant other. Your other half. And being around this person all the freaking time is very time consuming. I always think that boyfriends are like puppies. They may be cute, but they require a whole lot of work.


IMO puppies are cuter:


For busy college girls out there—and honestly busy any-age anyone—a relationship is an awful big commitment. While it’s amazing when it’s happening, being single means you have so much more time for everything else in your life. And, as we all know, being single means you can chase after whichever cute boy or girl you please. Or no one at all. If you get bored with them, there’s no need to sort through the feelings and try to preserve what you have with them, cause you were never dating them in the first place! You can just stop liking them at the drop of a hat with no guilt at all. And if you’re not in the mood for the whole romance and lust scene, there’s no need to compromise when your SO is craving a make out session.


Of course, the main reason most people seek out relationships is a very important one: having a SO means having someone who makes you feel loved and beautiful, to cheer you on in your good times, and comfort you when life is looking rough. Well to that, I say take another look at your friends and family. Sometimes, you may be so busy looking for a boyfriend to notice the unconditional love already right in front of you. It may not be in a smoochy way, but those relationships are the ones that last the longest—far past most flaming romances.


So to conclude, my darlings, I leave you with this advice: go dump your SO, and if you feel like something is missing, go get a puppy.

Laura Alexander is a sophomore at Brown University
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