Erian Mathis, '17

This weeks Campus Cutie is a shy one, but still just as charming. Usually spotted reading comic books, talking about pizza, or working as the Diversity Chair for CAB, Erian Mathis is a second semester sophomore hailing from Texas (and a little bit of everywhere else as well). Get to know more about his love of NYC, the movies and Marymount below!

Name: Erian MathisHometown: Austin, Texas (and Alabama… and Colorado… and Indiana!)Major: Communication ArtsFavorite Musician: Childish GambinoFavorite Food: His girlfriend’s spaghetti

What made you decide to come to Marymount Manhattan College?Honestly, I only knew that I didn’t want to stay in Texas. I saw Marymount at a college fair back in high school, knowing I wanted to go to New York, but not being sure if I’d get into NYU, so I just applied to Marymount. (I also thought about applying to Barnard for about a week until I realized it was an all girls school.)

You moved around a lot as a kid- how did that affect you moving to NYC?I honestly felt like it prepared me. Ever since I first visited the city as a freshman in high school, not once did I doubt that I was made for this city. Bouncing around a lot, and having parents that are divorced AND in the military kind of forces you to be independent from a pretty early age. I didn’t have a tough time adjusting to the city itself at all.

I know you started Spring semester instead of Fall semester. How did that shape your MMM experience?Well, for orientation there weren’t as many kids as I imagine there were for the first semester freshmen. It’s also kind of weird having to explain that I’m a “second semester sophomore” or a “first semester junior”. It’s a weird middle ground, where I feel like I’m simultaneously ahead of some of the other kids, but also sort of behind where I should be.

How did you decide on Communication Arts as a major?Originally I was a Psychology Major because I wanted to be a therapist. Back in high school I was sort of everyone’s “go to” guy for advice in my circle of friends, and everyone who listened seemed to benefit. I felt like I helped a lot of people, and I know for a fact that I helped a good majority of friends out of really tough situations. I thought it’s what I wanted to do, but then I started having doubts. At that point I didn’t want to make a career out of it anymore, and thought that it would ironically drive me insane. Around that time, I wound up accidentally spending a little while near the set of The Amazing Spider-man 2 downtown last year and just liked the ambiance of it all. Then over the summer I would up being an extra in a movie filming in Austin. My cousin and I spent the day on set, and it really just got to me. I realized I loved being on set, and could see myself doing that for a career. So, Comm it was!

What's your favorite thing about Marymount?The professors. I feel like the classroom settings are small enough that you get some real quality time out of your professors. And they’re all very qualified people (especially in the Comm. department, but that could just be my bias). They’re all very friendly, and have loads of experience and knowledge to share with any student who’s willing to ask.

What's your favorite area in the city?Oh that’s a good question. I have a few favorites really, and it all depends on my mood. I really like Midtown’s flashy style. It’s where most of New York’s really famous areas are: Rockefeller, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, etc., but downtown has some really amazing architecture. The streets and buildings just seemed to be shaped differently down there. Everything seems more clustered together in an oddly cozy way. But, on a regular weekend when I have nothing to do, I’d have to say my favorite is probably Central Park. There’s always something fun and new going on there, and The Ramble is a good place to go for some quiet time away from the noise and the city.

What’s your favorite date idea for the city?Oh man. Definitely something that you can do to take advantage of the city that you might not be able to do anywhere else. Maybe spend the day going to a museum. Then afterward, maybe a trip to the Top of The Rock in Rockefeller Plaza. It’s got a great view of the city, and usually it’s not too crowded. Then for dinner, maybe head somewhere nice in Little Italy if it’s that kind of mood, or just go somewhere fun like Potatopia or the Nugget Spot, or just go get a pizza. You can’t go wrong with pizza.

What's your favorite thing about your super neat girlfriend, Katie Kausch?Man, asking me to pick a favorite thing about her is like asking me to pick my favorite thing about pizza. But, if I had to say, I’d say how happy she makes me. I don’t ever see myself being bored with her because even on our most lazy of days, I’m having fun being lazy with her. We’re a great match.

I knew you were my campus cutie for a reason.