Dog Walking With Wag!


Any excuse I can make to hang out with a dog is one that I will make. But what if I could make money by hanging out with dogs instead of using it as an excuse to avoid other work?

Since moving to Manhattan, I have always had a part-time job and had to sacrifice my weekends to make sure that I would have some sort of livable income. I have worked at a local sandwich shop for almost 4 years, transferring to one in the city from one at home in Connecticut. When my outlook on going to work changed from excitement to dread, I knew that it was time to find another job.

I’ve worked both retail and food and while both are fun at times, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. So I started looking into dog walking. Through a little bit of research, I found out about the company Wag! – an on-demand dog walking, sitting, and boarding app.

From finding Wag! to becoming a walker, I have had to go through quite a few steps; the company wants to make sure that all of the walkers they hire are trustworthy and honorable and do so by quizzing them, interviewing them, doing a background check, as well as an in-person orientation.

Since starting at Wag!, I have been able to make my own schedule and work (or not work) when I want. Wag! is great for people who have class or a set schedule with breaks in between and want to make some extra cash. You have the ability to opt-in to a recurring schedule with the same dog or walk dogs just one time.

I’ve been walking with Wag! for two months and have had nothing but a positive experience. For the first time in my life since I was 16, I have had weekends free to hang out with friends and actually enjoy what the city has to offer. Plus, with Wag!, you get to hang out with cute dogs and get exercise—all while getting paid!

And if you have a dog in Manhattan, download the app Wag!, use the promo code ALEXIS3937, and get your first walk for free!