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‘The Divine Feminine’: A Review


Whether you listen to Mac Miller or not, you have to give his new project “The Divine Feminine” a try, especially if you’re looking for a new soulful sound this upcoming cuffing season. With tracks like “Stay”, “Skin”, and even “We”, it is guaranteed that your guy or gal will fall in love. Dim those lights and indulge in the euphoric sound that is The Divine Feminine.

If you’ve heard any of his earlier work, this project will surprise you. Sure we’ve heard him dip his feet into the soul waters with tracks like “Objects in the Mirror” off of Watching Movies with the Sound Off (2013) or even “ROS” off of GOOD:AM (2015) but no one expected a whole soul album. His transition to soul, like the genre, was smooth and almost effortless.

The track that I couldn’t stop listening to since it came out was “Soulmate.” Who would’ve ever thought Mac Miller was going to be considered a crooner? Well, in this case he is one. This crooner speaking directly to the one he loves says, “I think you’re too divine for my human mind.” He’s saying you’re out of this world, and I don’t know about you, but I melted when I heard it. With other lyrics like “I get you close, you misconstrue/you continue to push me far away,” her shifts this song to describe a chase but it’s the one where you finally catch the one you want.

Did you guys hear that tempo change when he says “we ain’t (nothing)?” It went from soul/pop to hip-hop/house which drove me insane. Who doesn’t like hip-hop and house music? It’s what our parents used to listen to all the time! (you know, besides the “Spice Girls”)  If you have that special someone you want to be exclusive with, I’d suggest playing them this album, especially if you guys are music soulmates—see what I did there? The Divine Feminine is guaranteed to get a life partner, and don’t we all have Mac Miller to thank for that? They said this Pittsburgh rapper couldn’t make it, but he’s doing just fine.

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