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Dancing With The Stars: My Favorite Dances from Season 30

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Dancing has always been my favorite activity. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that dancers get very invested into competition shows like Dancing With the Stars every fall. During season 30, I decided to rank my top ten favorite dances, prior to the finale, taking place on November 22nd. The following dances show a variety of artistic capabilities in the stars as well as, impressive technique, growth, and power.

***Apologies to the Cody Rigsby fans, he was not a top contender in my mind, therefore he is not on the list.

10. Suni Lee’s Samba: “All For You” 

In week 8, on Janet Jackson night, the audience got to see Suni Lee, the 3 time medalist at the 2020 Olympics, finally breaking out of her shell. She was glowing in confidence and enjoyment, presenting one of her best dances of the season. The fluidity that overtook her body conveyed how much she had grown through this competition, securing her a spot in the semi-final with this number. 

9. Jojo Siwa’s Foxtrot: “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)”

As a front runner of the competition, Jojo Siwa shared a very elegant foxtrot on Grease Night in week 5. In this performance we really get a look into Jojo’s emotions where she was able to open up to the audience. The graceful execution of this dance led to the first perfect score of the season; and Jojo never looked back.

8. Olivia Jade’s Argentine Tango: “Any Time, Any Place”

Olivia Jade definitely surprised all of the viewers with her determination and we were all rooting for her comeback story. During Janet Jackson Night in week 8, Olivia gave a sexy, confident, and strong performance. Unfortunately, her votes were not there and she was eliminated. She came a long way during this show and developed a fan in me. At least she was able to end her run on a bang!

7. Melora Hardin’s Paso Doble: “If”

Actress Melora Hardin was another competitor that embodied such growth during the progression of the season. After 8 weeks of being pushed to the limits, this 54 year old woman did not hold back on the dance floor during Janet Jackson Night. She was strong, fierce, and determined to advance to the semi finals.

6. Amanda Kloot’s Foxtrot: “It Had To Be You”

Amanda Kloots was one of the best dancers from the start. Already in week 2, she gave a flawless foxtrot performance in remembrance of her wedding song with her late husband, Nick Cordero. She looked so joyous, her lines were impeccable, and her technique was already shining during the second week of rehearsals. 

5. Jojo Siwa’s Jazz: “Anything Goes”

Before you watch this dance from horror night, this is a warning for those scared of clowns. Jojo Siwa is dressed creepily similar to Pennywise from the It movies. On top of the costume being spot on, her dance was so in sync. They did not stray from character yet it was still very enjoyable. Even though I kept wanting to look away, the dance drew me back in.

4. Jimmie Allen’s Contemporary: “Say Something”

Another stellar performance from horror night was danced by country singer Jimmie Allen. Him and his partner danced with inspiration from the movie A Quiet Place. It was emotional and heartfelt, incorporating sign language and the theme of the movie. The creativity of this dance is what intrigued me and made myself a Jimmie Allen fan. 

3. Amanda Kloot’s Contemporary: “Live Your Life”

During the semi finals, Amanda Kloots tore at every viewer’s heartstrings. As a healing dance for herself, she performed a tribute to her husband, who lost his battle with COVID-19 in the last year, by dancing to a song that he had written. The piece tore at every viewer’s heartstrings, making this one of the most memorable dances of the season, and, unsurprisingly, secured her  spot in the finale. 

2. Iman Shumpert’s Contemporary: “I Got 5 On It”

On horror night, Iman Shumpert, shocked everyone with an incredible contemporary that earned a perfect score. It was at this moment when the judges, and everyone else watching, realized he could be a top contender. The unexpected aspect of the dance kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The wow factor displayed in this dance increased his growth and creativity in each dance moving forward, making him the first ever professional basketball player to ever make it into the finale on Dancing With The Stars. 

1. Jojo Siwa’s Contemporary: Before You Go (Piano Version)”

Finally, last but not least, the leader of the season, and the history making duo, created some of the best dances this season. This contemporary is such an accurate representation of her athleticism, gracefulness, and their incredible partnership. It is no surprise that this dance led her to a spot in the finale. 

Overall, this season was one of my favorites. The stars worked so hard to continuously improve and the pros created masterpieces that the viewers have never seen done before. It was a season of massive creativity!

Lauren is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College. She enjoys dancing, watching the Bachelor, cuddling with her cats, and seeing a Broadway show. You can always find her making a powerpoint in her free time! Hope you enjoy her articles:)