Cynthia Nixon for New York: What You Need to Know




The New York State Democratic Primary is coming up this Thursday (September 13th). It is important to note this on your calendar, as the Primaries usually occur on a Tuesday, but in light of September 11th, they were moved to Thursday this year. Perhaps the most notable position up for nomination is New York State governor. Cynthia Nixon is challenging incumbent Andrew Cuomo for the highest office in the state. People have a lot of questions about Nixon’s campaign. Here are some important points:


Nixon is best known as Miranda from Sex and the City. Her notability as an actress has left many wondering if she is qualified for the job. While Nixon has never held public office before, she has had a lifetime of public service under her belt. She has advocated for public education funding, lobbied for same-sex marriage in New York, and was a part of the Fight Back New York PAC, whose goal was to remove those against marriage equality from office. She is also a lifelong New Yorker and understands the issues that face citizens of the state because she witnesses them firsthand.

Cuomo’s MTA

One of Nixon’s priorities is to fix the MTA. As a resident of New York City, she rides the subway every day. She has often attacked Cuomo on this issue, feeling that he is too distant from the MTA to realize the true dysfunction of the system. Governor Cuomo argues that the city must meet him halfway in terms of funding, but the fact-checking confirms that Cuomo failed to properly fund the transportation system.

Health Care

Nixon supports universal health care in New York State. She plans to increase taxes in order to accomplish this, but she has recently admitted that she does not have a solid plan for funding this system. This could certainly be problematic. Her opponent, Governor Cuomo, believes that this system will be a burden on the state, and would only support universal health care at the state level. Nixon is, at the very least, in favor of trying universal health care out in New York. Her views on health care were shaped at an early age when her mother found a lump in her breast. She did not have health insurance, so she went out and took the first job that she could get with benefits. Then, unfortunately, she waited to go get a checkup because she didn’t want her cancer to appear as a pre-existing condition. Nixon has been exposed to the faults in our health care system and aims to try to fix this so that all New Yorkers can get the medical attention that they need.

Legalizing Marijuana

Nixon is in favor of legalizing marijuana, citing racial equality as a driving factor. As she has explained, there are just as many white people that use marijuana as colored people, but colored people are disproportionately criminalized for usage. As an advocate for racial equality under the law, she believes that legalization of marijuana is a necessary step.


Nixon is an advocate for public education, being publicly educated herself, and due to her having children in the public school system. There is a disproportionate level of funding for schools in this state that serve lower income and children of color, and Nixon vows to level the playing field in terms of funding. She feels that education is the best way to prevent crime, stating, “our children need schools, not jails.”

Immigrant Rights

In Trump’s America, Nixon feels that the best way to protect immigrant rights is to make New York a sanctuary state. She promises to pass the Liberty Act, which will legally ensure the state’s status as a sanctuary to illegal immigrants. She is also in support of abolishing ICE.

Additional Points

In addition to the points highlighted above, Nixon is supportive of women’s rights, especially a woman’s right to choose. She plans to reduce New York’s carbon footprint, and she cares about the environment. She supports a justice system that is fair for all races. Notably, she takes a stab at corporate politicians through her own campaign, in which she has accepted no corporate money. She believes the government is for the people and has chosen to make a statement in this way.

To find out more about Cynthia Nixon, click here and remember to vote on Thursday. Every voice matters!