Curing Your PMS Breakouts

I’ve always had pretty clear skin, but I’ve always been affected by premenstrual acne. Right before a person begins their period they experience a spike in hormones. Most people experience PMS acne during the 10 days leading up to their period, this time is when estrogen is at its lowest and progesterone increases. The changes in hormones make skin more oily and cause pores to block up. I’ve recently dedicated myself to finding a remedy for these period breakouts.

I decided to find treatments for oily skin specifically, as oily skin is the main result of the change in hormones around your period. I started my treatment when I first noticed my PMS acne acting up.

I used a hydrating face mask from Ulta, to begin with. I wanted to start off with a powerful skin care product.

    The next thing I did was make sure to use my regular face cleanser every night and morning, I tend to skip days during the week, but I made sure to be consistent during this time. I use the Day Dreamer face wash from Blume, it is designed to be gentle on skin and has always left me feeling very fresh.

Lastly, I went out and bought some Tea Tree Toner from Lush. I happened to be in Lush and asked what products I could use for when I break out on my period. They recommended I apply the toner to my breakouts right before I went to bed. I did this every night until my breakouts went away.


Below is a picture of my face the day I really started to break out and another photo was taken four days after using these products. PMS acne always leaves me feeling oily and gross because the last thing a person needs on top of their period is a zit. Overall, I found the products I used really did clear my skin, and most importantly they helped me feel cleaner. I’ll be following this routine ritualistically from now on.