Color Street: The DIY Manicure

Say goodbye to expensive manicures and bad left-hand nail painting. Color Street is the do-it-yourself manicure kit here to save you time and money!

Have you ever wanted your nails done, but don’t want to spend $40+ on a manicure, not to mention an hour sitting in a salon? But, you also don’t want to DIY and have your left hand be a work of art, while your right hand looks like the child you babysit painted it. Color Street is an at home manicure that is essentially a sticker, but made of real nail polish. Created by Fa Park after seeing a woman painting her nails in her car, the sticker-like nail is dry on top, while the bottom is moist and able to adhere to a bare nail. The kit comes in a neat little package with two sheets of a range of different sized polish strips. All you have to do is match the size of your nails to the strip, peel the sticker off, place it on your nail and get rid of the excess.


Coming in a range of solid colors, patterns, and holiday specials, Color Street is perfect for any age, any style, anyone! Whether you're minimalist and prefer a simple neutral nail, or are eclectic and want an elaborate nail pattern full of glitter, Color Street has pages of options for you to choose from. Check out some of my favorites!



The best part is, each Color Street manicure is only about $12-13! Also, if you are really thrifty, you can use each strip for two of your nails, resale the extra nail strips you have, or save them for accent nails on your next manicure! The options are limitless! Try out Color Street for your next manicure!

If you are looking to purchase, please go through stylist Michelle Albright with any questions!