Claudia Esber, '16

Name:  Claudia EsberHometown:  Columbus, OhioMajor & Year:  Business Management Major/Graphic Design Minor, SeniorOn Campus Involvement: Vice President of the Business Analytics Association Club 

Past Internships/Jobs: Internships: The Dr. Oz Show, Maxim Magazine, Ammirati, and 1stAveMachine. Jobs: Visual Merchandiser at Oakley Eyewear and Hostess at UVA Restaurant & Wine Bar.What do you love about MMC/ your major?:  What I love about Marymount is the intimate experience you get from the classes to student run clubs. Because we are such a small school, it’s super easy to get involved! I also love the internship and job opportunities the school provides. Not to mention we’re in the heart of NYC so the opportunities are incredible!Best memory at MMC: Alright, I’ll be honest, the Marymount Fashion Show. You can’t compete with walking the runway and strutting your stuff!  Fave Class[es] You've Taken:  People may call me crazy, but I absolutely loved public speaking. It was an exhilarating challenge for me!  Do you have any advice for freshman: To put yourself out there. Apply to internships like crazy! Internships are what set the foundation for your future career; the more experience you get in the real world, the more likely you’ll find what you love to do. Side note; do not cry if your first few internships are unpaid. We all have to pay our dews, and quite frankly I’m still paying mine! But I know it’ll pay off in the future. Well, let’s hope. ☺

FavesMovie:  The Devil Wears Prada. Classic, humorous, glamourous, and uh, Anne Hathaway!TV Show: The Killing- I may look innocent, but I like a little thrill in my life.Study Spot: Not Marymount. You can find me at my desk, in my room, in sweats with a candle lit.  Song (or song of the moment): Anything Lana Del Rey, her song Ride really gets me though.Snack:  Does ice cream in bed count?Celebrity Crush: Anne Hathaway, I like to consider her to be an older version of me ☺Website/App: Hopstop…for someone who is horrible with directions, this app saves my life!  

Pick One!Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? I need creamy, I need sugary, I need the real deal, ice cream-duh!Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? I’m a college student; I need a caffeinated drink at a reasonable price- Dunkin all the way.Stay up late or wake up early? Wake up early! It’s so refreshing to start off my day with a nice run and a bomb breakfast.Summer or Winter?  Su-su-su-suuuuuuu-mmmmmm-eeerrrr  Concerts or Broadway Shows?  Broadway shows. No matter where you sit you’re likely to get a good seat and don’t have to deal with sweaty people all around you pushing and shoving!Union Square Park or Washington Square Park?  Union Square. Shopping, food, and my love, Trader Joes.  Walk or Subway?   Walk! I can’t stand being late somewhere, you can’t always rely on a subway. Plus if I don’t make it to the gym that day at least I got in some exercise, right?Gossip Girl or Sex & The City? Gossip Girl. I only started watching it once I moved to New York. The best part is when I see characters walking down the same streets I do. I’m like “Hey! I’ve walked there before!” You could say it excites me.