Brent Michael Jones '19

Tell us your name, age, year, and hometown.                    

Brent Michael Jones. 20. Sophomore. Macon, Georgia.                   

How do you feel about being elected HCMMM's profile this week?

Is that what it feels like to win the Hamilton Lottery? (bad joke?)


Theatre Performance/Musical Theatre. 

What is your on campus involvement?

The psychology club’s workshop of RELIABILITIES! Ellen Rehearsals, MT Reading and Workshops!

What's your favorite spot on campus?

Nugent 453 or Library 2nd Floor. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

Viola Davis. 

If you could spend one day with your crush, what would you do?

Watch her rehearse and discover her process for creating magic on the tv and stage!

What is something most people don't know about you?

That I can play the drums better than Derek Walsh!

On campus, where do you get your caffeine fix? Starbucks or Caf?


What is your go-to drink at that place?

Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha (NO WHIP!!!)

Best memory at MMC?

Tripping, Falling and then splitting my pants in the Regina Peruggi Room before my big song in Realabilities!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?

Hopefully working and happy!

What advice do you have for freshman?

Don’t be stupid! Be with the friends that genuinely make you happy! If you are here doing what you love to do, then actually pursue it now! Don’t sit on your ass!



Class you've taken: Pop/Rock!

Restaurant in NYC: Schnippers!

Park in NYC: The High Line. 

TV Show(s): Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, HTGWM, and Designated Surivior!

Song: Whatever I’m currently singing (I’m always humming something). 


Pick one!

Stay up late or wake up early?

Stay up late (always)!

Walk or subway?

I have a stress fracture in my right foot that likes to surprise me with pain - so subway!

Concerts or Broadway Shows?


Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen Yogurt (SRRY LIZ MATTERA). 

Gossip Girl or Sex in the City?

Gossip Girl is how I survived my first semester freshman year.