The Best Way to Enjoy Spring

It’s really important that you have a game plan for Spring since it’s one of the shortest seasons! Spring, to me, is a welcomed neutral state. It comes right after the freezing cold winter and just before the boiling summer. Spring is the beautiful time of year when your closet is half sweaters and half shorts, so it’s important you take advantage of all the opportunities the season presents. For my friends and I, Spring equals picnics. It’s our most anticipated event; we’ve avoided going outside for prolonged periods of time since October and now in April, we get to enjoy nature once again. We go all out for our Spring picnics, packing a basket full of fruits and other snacks, making sure we pack our softest blanket or sheet to set up on. We even dress for the occasion, bringing out our sundresses and rompers for the first time of the year; it’s really fun! The grass is always so green and, if you're lucky, you'll see the occasional bunch of wildflowers. It’s the type of scenery that Instagram was made for!

    Enjoying Spring doesn’t mean you have to throw a picnic (although I highly recommend it), To enjoy Spring to it’s fullest you simply have to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather -  well, on the days when we aren't experiencing “Spring Showers.” On those sunny days, you should explore a park you’ve never really been to, ride a bike, or even try having lunch outside on your favorite cafe’s patio. You should try and experience all the natural wonders your community has to offer while the sun is shining and there's still a breeze!