The Best Toaster Oven Banana Bread

I don’t like fruit baked into many things, but banana bread is definitely an exception. I love to bake, and I am luckily allowed to have a toaster oven in my dorm room. However, finding recipes that work and are actually good can be tricky. After many trials and errors, I have found the best toaster oven banana bread recipe.


Check out the recipe for One Banana Toaster Oven Banana Bread - it's sure to be a hit!


What I like about this recipe is that all of the ingredients are basic, so buying them is not a waste, as they can be used for many other recipes. Plus, all of the ingredients are pretty inexpensive. You can even bake it in a mini muffin pan if you want to make bite-sized banana bread muffins! My only suggestion is that you add more cinnamon than what the recipe suggests. I usually add at least ½ teaspoon which is double of what is recommended to add more flavor.  


My roommates and friends always get so excited when I make this banana bread because it is nice to have something homemade while you are away at school. Baking can be a great stress reliever, too, so give it a try! This recipe is so easy, and you don’t need to be an expert baker to make it.