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This season of The Bachelor has certainly been interesting. The two part finale aired this past Monday and Tuesday on ABC, and stirred up a lot of controversy.


Part one of the finale started off with Peter’s final two women going to meet his parents, while in Australia. First up was Tennessee native, Hannah Ann Sluss. She showed up to the house and Peter’s parents fell in love with her. She showed them how much she loved their son, and that is really all that they could ask for out of anyone, as long as she makes him happy. Next up was Madison Prewitt. Her and Peter’s relationship was strained after she told Peter that she would have trouble moving forward in the competition if he was intimate with either of the other women. He was, and Madison from there on out had a hard time trusting him. When it came time to meet the family, instead of going directly inside, they had a three hour long conversation beforehand, causing his family to be very upset with Madison for making them wait so long. The conversation with the family did not go well. Barb, Peter Sr., and Peter’s younger brother, Jack, all stated that they did not believe Peter and Madison’s relationship would work out because of their different lifestyles. Madison is very religious and Peter is not. Peter loves being social and line dancing, and Madison does not. After meeting with the girls, Barb Weber told Peter that Hannah Ann was the only one of the two women who actually loved him. This is where the infamous “Don’t let her go, don’t let her go, bring her home to us…” line came from. 


Later on in the episode, Madison withdraws from the show. She agrees with Peter’s parents that they have different lifestyles, and flies back to the United States. Because of this, Peter decides to get engaged to Hannah Ann. The two were over the moon about the engagement, but then things started going awry two months later. Peter realized that although he was engaged to Hannah Ann, he also still loved Madison. He was very open and honest with Hannah Ann about it, but eventually it became too much and he broke off the engagement with her. Throughout the season, Hannah Ann always seemed very young and immature to the audience. She ended up giving one of the greatest speeches in Bachelor history and got everyone to love and respect her by the end of the show. Her goodbyes with Peter was very difficult to watch. She made it clear that he has ruined something that was so special, by telling her he loved her, when he was still in love with someone else and taking away her first engagement. During the live portion of the broadcast, we got to see the two speak for the first time since the breakup. When host, Chris Harrison, asked Hannah Ann to have the final word before the commercial break, this is what she had to say: “Peter we’ve been through a lot together and I should have really picked up on the first red flag that you gave to me when you wanted to reach out to Hannah Brown to find closure with her. So really looking back on it, our engagement involved three women, me, you still being in love with Madison and proposing to me, and you needing closure with Hannah Brown. That’s three women involved in our engagement that I was completely blindsided to. So word advice, if you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.”


After this, they showed Chris Harrison visiting Madison in Alabama to tell her that the engagement was broken off since Peter was still in love with her. Madison flew out to California roughly two weeks before the finale to tell Peter that she was still in love with him. After this was revealed, they took to Peter and Madison talking on the couch live saying that they were going to be taking their relationship day by day. Chris Harrison then asked Barb Weber what her opinion on this was and she was not happy at all. She continuously stated that she does not like Madison and that this relationship would not be good for Peter. The world was taken by surprise at Barb’s cold reaction. She did bring up good points though, but many people have dubbed her the villain of the season. It was announced two days after the live finale that Madison and Peter have decided to go their separate ways. 


Even though the show is now over, fans still have many questions and theories. The main question is, what did Hannah Brown and Peter talk about when he visited her to get closure. There is still a theory going on regarding Peter and one of his past contestants, Kelley. The Hannah Ann and Peter break up happened roughly one week before the Superbowl. The rumor states that Peter and Kelley apparently slept together the week of the Superbowl since they were both in town at that time. Another rumor states that Peter might have also slept with one of his producers, Julie LaPlaca. Both women have hinted that these rumors are false, but Reality Steve, a Twitter user known for having spoilers before anyone else, says that this is not true.


Clare Crawley, a 38 year old known for being a contestant on Juan Pablo’s season, has just been named the new Bachelorette. Her contestants all seem way too young for her so hopefully they will find some men closer to her age before filming starts. Filming was supposed to start this week, but due to the Coronavirus, the start has been pushed back two weeks at least. If you want your Bachelor fix before we get to see her season, The Bachelor has created a new spinoff called Listen to Your Heart. The show follows a Paradise format starting with a large group of men and women trying to find love, but the twist is that they are all musicians. The show is set to premiere April 13th on ABC. It is also suspected that summertime will bring around another season of Bachelor in Paradise and a season of The Bachelor: Summer Games, which brings together contestants from The Bachelor franchise from all around the country together to find love.

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