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‘The Bachelor’ Finale Prediction

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

As another season of The Bachelor comes to an end, we find ourselves full of emotions, full of questions, and full of opinionated thoughts leading up to next week’s finale episode. Who will Nick choose?! Will the women have to swap out their heels for snow boots to walk to the proposal site to receive the final rose?! Will Nick actually propose or instead decide to focus his energy on his upcoming Dancing With the Stars debut?! These are only some of the questions we have and with two three hour episodes to wrap up the season, you know Mike and I have a lot to say. Here are our thoughts on this week’s episode as well as some predictions for what’s to come.



Alyssa: Okay but this whole post-fantasy suite montage with Raven is WAY too much! This isn’t 500 Days of Summer, I see what you’re trying to do here and how dare you.

Alyssa: Rachel you are too good for Nick and also already The Bachelorette!

Mike: I’m confused as to what is gonna happen that he sends her home for?

Mike: Wow! This cross-country ski date is awful, like almost every date Nick has planned!

Mike: This is why Nick sends her home; because she can’t cross country ski.

Alyssa: Things are weird between them, what is happening?!

Mike: Does she know she’s the bachelorette yet?

Alyssa: I’d be pissed if I spent all this money buying a dress for this show then end up in Finland where I can’t even wear the freakin’ dress!


Mike: This ice water date is AWFUL!!! I’d be so gone!

Mike: “You’re traditional.” “How?” “You are….traditional.” LIKE GOOD ONE.

Alyssa: Vanessa’s monologue about Nick being her other half is literally what Katniss says to convince people she loved Peeta and I’m over it.

Alyssa: Where can I by the cups Vanessa is drinking from in the hot tub?

Alyssa: There hasn’t been a lot of hot tub stuff this season, they usually do it to make things crazy.

Mike: Corrine was the hot tub.

Alyssa: They went to Finland just so Chris Harrison could premiere his new pea coat.

Alyssa: This would have been a really good twist if we didn’t know Rachel was the bachelorette already *rolls eyes*

Mike: I’m still heartbroken over it.

Mike: Girl you are gonna be fine even if you weren’t the next bachelorette! You are too good for him.

Alyssa: Nick’s a weenie! A goofy goober if you will!


Alyssa: Do you think Rachel got into the limo and was like “Get me The Bachelorette contract!”


Women Tell All Thoughts:

Mike: Who is wearing the T-shirt that says “Make America Corrine Again”?! I’m done!

Mike: Ew to this viewing party serving Double D cupcakes.

Mike: This sorority viewing party is an actual horror film.

Mike: Shocking Corrine is already drinking!

Mike: Honestly, what does Chris Harrison do for fun?

Alyssa: Who are these people! I don’t recognize half these women!

Alyssa: “We are fighting over Nick, not a pickle.” #ClassicCorrine

Mike: Wow I love the Corrine show!

Alyssa: Who is Elizabeth?

Alyssa: Was the phrase “slob kabob” just used?

Mike: Too many people are talking over each other! Chris get a handle on this!

Alyssa: Wait where did Liz and Nick meet? Was it at Jade & Tanner’s wedding? Why are we still talking about this?!

Mike: Where did this beef between Josephine and Taylor come from?

Alyssa: Remember when Corrine tried to do Voodoo on Taylor?

Mike: I still like Taylor though.

Alyssa: All this fighting about napping makes me want a nap.

Mike: TBH I thought Kristina was a contender.

Mike: Taylor holding the cheese pasta in disgust is me.

Alyssa: I still can’t tell Astrid and Kristina apart.

Alyssa: Wow I can’t believe that was three hours.

Next week’s three hour long season finale is shaping up to be one filled drama, tears and hopefully love. Both of us agree that Nick is going to choose Vanessa, but you never know especially with this season! Tune in Monday at 8pm to find out who gets the final rose.

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